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What Is The Perfume of A ROSE

If you were asked – What Is The Perfume of A ROSE?

Pairfum Room Fragrance Rose Perfumed Candle Paul Morris

Could you describe it?

There is something beautifully timeless about a Rose Perfume

Blush Rose Amber Pairfum London Musk Freesia

More than any other flower, why is it that most people feel an urge to smell roses when they see them?

Pairfum Home Fragrance Rose Scented Candle Gul Kurtaran

If you were asked , would you be able to describe what a Rose smell like?

Would you be surprised to learn that – the colour of the Rose is strongly correlated with the rose smell!

Pairfum Room Fragrance Rose Perfumed Candle Sam Operchuck

Or that generally, roses with the best scents have darker colours, more petals, and thick or velvety petals.

However, few of us know what is responsible for this enchanting scent…

Rose Perfume Pink Petal Bud Bouquet

Well like most things in Life – things are not always as straight forward as they appear..

There are over 300 natural chemicals that go into creating the scent we Love….

Yet amazingly… it is only four of them in the rose oil that produce the majority of the fragrance…

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If you are looking for a Wonderful Rose Perfume for your Home, or as a Gift this Christmas …

PAIRFUM London has the Perfect one for you xx

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