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What Makes You Happy?

What would your answer be, if someone stops you in the street and asks you “What makes you Happy”? Or, what is the meaning of ‘Happiness’, the elusive state that theologians, philosophers and psychologists have been mulling over and researching for ever (or so it seems).

Would it be – the ability to hop from one joy to the next, from one happy moment to the next without a break? Or, is that the definition of exhaustion?

Research has shown that to achieve happiness we must go through times that involve periods of displeasure, annoyance and down right vexation. Other elements in our day to day living effect how we feel, general health, money is important but only to a certain point, as it helps to relieve the strain or worry about housing, food, clothing etc. Our life circumstances, work, marital status, social relationships, can and do influence our sense of well-being or how happy we feel.

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It would appear from reading between the lines of all the research papers, that happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life, and no we do not mean turning your back garden into a small holding. Unless that is what would really make you ‘Happy’, and the neighbours don’t mind!. It means doing something irrespective of what that ‘Thing’ is, that gives you a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction.

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The really good news is, that research shows that much of what makes us ‘Happy’ is under our personal control. Small things such as taking a long leisurely soak in the bath, and of course, this is where we would recommend that you use one of the PAIRFUM Organic Washes and lotions (well, we would, wouldn’t we! – because that is what makes us ‘Happy’ – Click here for PAIRFUM Happy)

So from setting yourself a goal to getting involved in an enjoyable, or sometimes not so enjoyable an activity. Socialising, keeping in touch with friends and family, to finding simple ways to teach or remind yourself not to react in a certain way when certain situations arise, and they will every single day. You decide how ‘Happy’ you would like to be today, and remember as odd as it may seem that going through the tough times enables us to feel a deeper sense of contentment or achievement.

Be Happy And Smile

So, you may decide not to turn your back garden into a version of the 1975 TV series in a bid to live the ‘Good Life’ , but the important thing to remember is that we can all ‘Cultivate Happy’.

Maybe today “Happiness is wearing your favourite Perfume, and sharing it with the World” – Huib Maat.

Tell us what makes you happy.

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