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Why Do Dogs Sniff Inappropriate Places ?

Dogs Sniff Inappropriate Places Nose

Sense Of Smell !

I am sure you have experienced this situation before: a dog comes over to you and begins to sniff in the most embarrassing places.

Have you ever wondered why the dog is choosing you ?

We all know that dogs like to sniff each other’s behinds. Is this different from dogs wanting to sniff humans ? According to a dog, this is not bad manners but ‘common practice’.

A dog can get an enormous amount of information by sniffing another dog and probably similar information from a person too.

Try showing a dog your hand the next time. It might be simple solution to prevent future embarrassment.

Dogs Sniff Inappropriate Places Hand

Here are two articles with a few theories that might you give an explanation. These insights might help you when it happens next.

Click to find out more

Click to read the 2nd article

Dogs Sniff Inappropriate Places Man

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