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10 Amazing Things About Your Nose, that will change how you think about Yourself!

You may be wondering,
what are these 10 Amazing Things About Your Nose, that will change how you think about Yourself?

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So, you don’t think you are Amazing, you are nothing special, right?


Wrong, … apart from the fact of course that you are a walking, talking, seeing, hearing smelling, feeling, loving wonder of Nature.

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Now, that in it’s own right is not bad for a start but, …

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It gets better!

Here are the 10 Amazing Things About Your Nose:


Did you know that that every 28 days you grow a ‘ A new nose’.

Well, … not technically speaking of course, but you do renew your scent cells so that your olfactory sense is as ‘fit as a fiddle’ and looking forward to the month ahead.


Your sense of smell does not wait around, it is fully functioning and ready to go,

… before your are even born.


We can remember an aroma or smell with more accuracy after a year, than with visual recall.

A study showed that you can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is about 50% after only three months.


The human nose can detect one trillion distinct scents.

Yes! you read that correctly – One Trillion …


Our sense of smell is completely unique from our other senses, in that it is the only sense that travels directly to the forebrain without going to the thalamus.

In other words, …

Your brain wants the information received by your nose FAST.

This is a matter of survival.

So,… no time wasting here.

Stop Watch Fast Speed


Our nostrils are ‘Ipsilateral’.

“What does this mean?”, you may ask.

It means, ‘on or affecting the same side of the body.

Each nostril is directed onto a separate side of the brain, where the right nostril corresponds to the right side of the brain and the left nostril corresponding to the left side of the brain.

Where normally the ‘Right’ side of the brain controls the ‘Left’ side of the body and vice versa, well lets just say “your nose it likes to be different”…


Apologies Gentlemen, … but another thing that Women are better at:

Women have a better sense of smell.

One reason for this may be that women have a more developed orbital prefrontal region of the brain.

Or, it may also have evolved to help Women choose the best possible mate.

So you see Gentlemen, it is not all bad news, it insures they pick You, that special someone!


It is estimated that 70% of taste is actually based on olfactory sensations.

Just consider how food loses its flavour when we have a cold.

So the next time you are enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple or a wonderful meal, then you ‘Nose’ who to thank for it.


If you are impressed that Formula One race cars can go from 0-60 in as fast as 1.6 seconds,…

then get in the back seat F1, as the entire procedure of olfactory processing takes a good 200 milliseconds!


Last but by no means least, in this era of ‘Fake News’, your nose is impossible to deceive.

Peter Mombaerts, a Director at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, states: “olfaction is the most elementary and fleeting of all senses, an ideal detector of body and environmental chemistry. The sense of smell is almost impossible to mislead”.

So, … the ‘Nose knows, you know’!

10 Amazing Things About Your Nose

Now that you have learned these 10 amazing things about you nose,

You will never again be able to honestly say: “There is nothing special about me”.

It is for that very reason that we, here at PAIRFUM London, create Natural Perfumes and Products that compliment and enhances that ‘Amazing, Wonderful You’.

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Do you want to find out about even more Amazing Things, then click here ?


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