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How starting the Day with Positive Thoughts can alter the outcome

Does how we start each day affect our mood? is it true that how starting the Day with Positive thoughts can alter the outcome.

When we sit down to have a quite moment or seek time for ourselves, are we really having that, much sought after ‘relaxing, de-stressing’ ‘Me-time’, or do we simply spend the time talking to ourselves?

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If we start the day by talking to ourselves, so what?

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We all have times during the day (or night), when we have very deep and maybe not so meaningful conversations with ourselves.

Who cares! if we have private internal conversations with ‘Us’, and why does it matter so much!!

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Well it does matter, and here is the reason why…

Research has shown that ‘Positive’ thinking helps to manage stress, and can even improve your health.

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There is no problem with having an in-depth chat with our inner selves..

Or is there?

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Well the answer to that is ‘YES’ and ‘NO’

‘YES’ there is a problem if – that chat is the all consuming practice of NEGATIVE SELF-TALK….

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‘NO’ if the internal monologue is POSITIVE…

So, when we want to have a little ‘Natter’ with the person who appears to live inside our head, how do you make sure it’s Positive?

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How we begin each day affects our mood, energy level and productivity for the rest of the day..

So by starting your day with ‘Positive’ thoughts you can alter the outcome.

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HERE – are someways to make sure that you always benefit from your internal ‘Head to Heart’ or Heart to Head’ self-talk.


STOP – constantly hitting that ‘Snooze’ button, which sleep researches have warned is not good for your ‘Heart’… as you are literally  repeatedly inflicting a “cardiovascular assault” on the body and your nervous system.

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START- your day by spending the time from when you first wake-up, to when you get out of bed, thinking of or focusing on ‘ONE’ thing that you are looking forward to accomplishing or doing that day.

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DOING – this simple ( but not always easy task ), helps you avoid the feeling of panic or dread when you suddenly remember – all the things you must not forget to do today, all the things you have to achieve, and last but not least all things that might go wrong.. and all of this negativity will flood your consciousness in just a matter of minutes..

Don’t let it…


ONCE- you have calmed and quietened your mind, slowly open your eyes, gently stretch and get ready to go into your day with a clear and positive outlook.

As – Lao Tzu said “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

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TAKE – time to refresh and reinvigorate your mind & body by taking a mood boosting morning shower. We would recommend using one of the PAIRFUM London ‘Organic Body Wash & Shower Oil’s’, our ‘SPA or Pink Grapefruit’ is a perfect start to any day.Pairfum Organic Hand Wash Oil SpaYou can find further information here about all the PAIRFUM London Organic Skin Care products.


So, from now on when that alarm bell rings in the morning, the only #PAUSE #Button you should reach for is the one to #STOP #NEGATIVE #THOUGHTS, and when you are next having a conversation with yourself, please ‘REMEMBER’ just how ‘NICE’ a ‘PERSON’ you are talking to..

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