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British Flower Week – Day Four – Foliage


British Flower Week

British Foliage

Foliage is often overlooked when big the blooms of roses and peonies dazzles us with their colour & shape. However, Florists overlook it at their peril! Foliage will always be the backbone or backdrop of any stunning bouquet, giving it a background framework, structure, movement and texture.

Foliage does not have to boring and can be selected from branches of beech, photinia, white leaf, willow, eucalyptus birch or euonymus.

‘Herbs’ can also be used to adds interest and fragrance to a bouquet through the inclusion of mint, oregano, sage, lavender or rosemary.

‘Stems’ offer another source of inspiration to the florist and these are some examples: cow parsley, breezy grasses and stems of trailing jasmine.


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