Buy Perfume Online? 10 x Reasons Why You Should.

Have you already considered whether to buy perfume online? How do you buy your perfume at the moment? Are you happy with the way you buy perfume?

The internet has revolutionised the way we shop, not just for fragrance, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before.

Here are some advantages of buying perfume online:

  1. Unlimited Choice: Buying perfume online gives you access to unlimited choice. You can purchase directly from any retailer, country or Niche Perfumery House worldwide, without being restricted to what has been pre-selected for you by the perfume shop. In the words of Shakespeare: “The World is Your Oyster.”
  2. Maximum 3 Fragrances: When shopping in a physical store, the receptors in your nose become saturated after smelling three to four perfumes, making it difficult to fully appreciate the fragrance. Not only this, but you will notice a cloud of scent as you enter the perfumery department. This will already taint and block your receptors to ‘cloud your judgement’. Our noses are designed to detect differences. In other words, you will smell those notes less that you have already picked up unconsciously in the cloud. How often have you come home and puzzled why the perfume smells different from what you remember? By shopping online and discovering the perfumes at home, you can avoid saturation and give your nose time to naturally cleanse itself before moving on to the next scent.
  3. Test on Your Skin: Fragrances can smell different on each person, which is why it’s important to test them on your own skin rather than just a paper card. By purchasing perfume online, you can test it in your own time and environment, ensuring that you are making an informed purchase.
  4. Allow Time: Perfumes unfold and develop over time, and it can be challenging to fully appreciate them while browsing through a store. By purchasing perfume online, you can take your time and experience the fragrance’s top, heart, and back notes in your own time.
  5. Home Environment: Perfumes can smell differently in your own home environment than in a store, as the scent of your surroundings mingles with the fragrance to create your unique signature perfume. This effect is difficult to predict when standing in a store aisle.
  6. Peace and Quiet: Our noses need time, peace and quiet to discover and appreciate a fragrance. When trialling a fragrance at home, you can experience the perfume without the distractions of a bustling department store.
  7. Free Returns: Reputable retailers who sell perfume online offer free returns, so you can make a purchase with confidence, knowing that you can return it if it’s not the right fit for you.
  8. Gift: buying a perfume online allows you to buy a gift easily for a loved one or friend in a distant location. Add a gift card with a personalised not, some gift wrapping and let the retailer prepare & ship your gift.
  9. Price Comparison: this is the obvious advantage in the list. Shopping online allows us to compare prices.
  10. Convenience: do we need to say more? Shopping online really is very convenient, as you don’t need to carry your shopping around with you. Instead, it is delivered right to your door step.

When you read this list, you start wondering why we are all still buying our perfumes in Perfumeries, Department Stores and the Duty Free.

Don’t misunderstand us, we believe shopping in a wonderful store environment for beautiful perfumes with your partner or friend, is a fantastic experience that we would not want to miss for the world.

We believe, however, shopping for perfume online offers a viable alternative with very good reasons and you should consider it.

Buy Perfume Online Assess Fragrance Quality at home smelling strip

Conclusion: Buy Perfume Online, Too!

In conclusion, to buy perfume online offers many advantages, including unlimited choice, the ability to test the fragrance on your skin in your own time, and the opportunity to experience perfume in your own environment.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity web shopping offers to buy perfume online and to find a Natural Niche Perfume that perfectly reflects You, not by chance but because you loved living with it first.

We invite you to have a look at Pairfum London’s niche perfume online shop.

As the Prince in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet would have phrased it: “To buy perfume online or not to buy, that is the question.”

Buy Perfume Online? 7 x Reasons Why You Should. The Perfume Experience Box

Perfume Experience Box

Our company’s Perfume Experience Box takes this a step further by introducing you to 12 x Natural Eau de Parfum Intense, complete with smelling strips for the perfect in-home fragrance experience.

It allows you to fully appreciate different perfumery accords in your own time and to live with them first. So many customers tell us enthusiastically that they discovered favourites that they would never uncovered in a perfumery aisle.

Incidentally, it is also a perfect gift for anybody that loves perfume, as it is impossible to buy perfume without know which perfume the person loves. Is this gift still a surprise?

Pairfum Collection Niche Perfume Experience Fragrance Library Square Gift Box Open Display Buy Perfume Online

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