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Green Oasis In Town

Wellness Spaces & City Living

Here are two examples of bringing the green outdoors into congested city living spaces by creating a ‘green oasis’ within two townhouses in Vietnam.

It does not matter where we live, we all enjoy sunny green spaces to relax and unwind after the daily stresses.

Click to see the green townhouse

Click to see the front garden oasis

These examples of ‘green oasis’ show simple ways how we can be closer to nature for our wellbeing, even when living in the most congested towns.


london design festival 2016 sculpts scent

London Design Festival 2016 – Highlights

Looking For Design Inspiration ?

For anybody interested in design, the London Design Festival 2016 is a ‘must-see’ event in their London calendar.

In this blog post, we have assembled some of the highlights of this year’s edition of the event.

First up is a ‘preview’ of the highlights of the London Design Festival 2016 by The Telegraph:

Click to read the ‘preview’

Next is a list of the Evening Standard’s ‘top product picks’ and ‘interiors showstoppers’:

Click to see the ‘top picks’

Our image for this article features the ‘scent sculptures’ created Zuza Mengham in collaboration with ‘Laboratory Perfumes. It is an artistic exploration of the relationship between scent and the other human senses.

Click to find out more about ‘scent sculptures’

For us here at PAIRFUM, Alison Brooks Architects’ curving ‘smile’ was the stand-out installation this year. As a matter of fact, we are surprised it is not in the Guiness Book of record as the world’s biggest smile !

Click to see the smile !

Another one of our favourites is Asif Khan’s MINI LIVING ‘forests’ installation in shoreditch, london.

It is placed designed to help us relax, increase our productivity and invite meet-ups.

Click to see the mini forest.


Instead of a summary, The Telegraph reviews what it regards as the Top 6 Interiors Trends from the London Design Festival.

Click to read The Telegraph summary

The Telegraph has, however, also published highlights of what is assessed as ‘best in show’.

Click here to read about the ‘best in show’ by The Telegraph


As a final summary, we should not forget the website of the London Design Festival itself. It also features two summaries of this year’s event.

Click to go the official website for the London Design Festival


7 best fragrances for men autumn winter

7 Best Fragrances For Men – Autumn / Winter

New Men’s Fragrances

As the weather is becoming a bit colder and the days shorter, we are beginning to change our wardrobe.

This includes our fragrance wardrobe and it time to look at inspiration for the best fragrances for men this autumn / winter.

Here is a link to an interesting article about the best New Men’s Fragrances For Autumn / Winter.

Click to read the article

25 lessons from the london fashion week

25 Lessons From The London Fashion Week

Couture Fashion Summary

This year’s London Fashion Week has closed and for anybody interested in fashion it is time to sit back to take stock of what they have seen. What are the lessons from the London Fashion Week ?

It was a week with a very busy schedule and around 50 shows, too much for anybody to take in.

Here at PAIRFUM we investigate trends in fashion due to the intrinsic link between perfumery and fashion.

Sadly though, we cannot attend all 50 shows, which is why we prefer a simply summary for the events we could not attend.

Luckily, here is an interesting article with the 25 Lessons from The London Fashion Week.

Click to read the article !


During this week of fashion excellence, it is worth looking not only at what is being shown on the ‘cat walk’ but what is being worn outside on the street.

Here is a photo series with the best street style fashion looks spotted during the week:

Click to see ‘furry footwear and statement ruffles’


From ‘Street Fashion’ to ‘Celebrity Fashion’: what have the front row celebrities been wearing during the week ? This is a show in its own right with plenty of lessons in style:

Click to see what the clebrities wore ?


To round off our review of the Lessons from the London Fashion Week, here is another overview of the best looks seen on the catwalk.

Click to see the top catwalk looks



Apartment Blends Modern And Classical


Harmonious Design.

This modern apartment in Kiev accentuates beautifully strong contemporary interior design against classic ornamentation. We would have liked to see more of this intriguing contrast.

The apartment has some spectacular views. We find though that the grey colour pallette, with only variations of brown as an accent colour, dominates too much throughout this luxurious home.

What do you think ?

We are missing some fragrance in this home: perfumed candles, reed diffusers, fragrant hand wash or lotions, eau de parfum sprays.

click to see more photos




Unusual Cabin In The Woods

Good Design ?

Here is a link to a photo gallery for an unusual cabin in the woods in the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort of Norden, California.


In our opinion, it could blend in more harmoniously with its surroundings. The concrete foundation and the angular lines are not what one would have expected of an alpine cabin. We suspect as well that the tar-treated wood will probably overpower the fresh, ozonic fragrance of the spruce in the woods  and mountains, at least at the beginning.

The views from inside out are fabulous though.

Click to see more photos

Unusual Cabin In The Woods Kitchen

Multi Sensorial Sleep Open Air Bed

Multi Sensorial Sleep ?

Open Air Hotel

Multi Sensorial Sleep Open Air Hotel

Here on pairfum.com we frequently write about about everything ‘multi-sensorial’. We believe it is one of the major trends unfolding at this moment.

In this context, we read this article with great interest about an Open Air Hotel.

Click to read about the Open Air Hotel

We believe it offers a unique hotel experience. It is hard to believe that you will actually fall asleep with so many senses being stimulated: the natural sounds of the Swiss alps, the night’s stars for your eyes only, the fresh and organic fragrance of the mountains, and the soft touch and comfort of a luxurious hotel bed.

Who would not enjoy sleeping under the stars in such comfort ?

We do have one question though, where are the washroom and practical aspects of every hotel room ?

Multi Sensorial Sleep View

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