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Fragranced Couscous

Recipe Inspirations

We recently posted on our facebook page an article about making ‘scent leaf couscous’.

Here is a link to the video with the recipe:

find out how to make Scent Leaf Couscous

‘Scent leaf’ is also known as clove basil and wild basil (in Hawaii).

This raised the question: What are the other favourite fragranced couscous recipes ?

We found an interesting selection and here are some of our favourites, that allowed us to see couscous in a completely different light:

Thyme Scented Couscous

Rose & Orange Scented Couscous

Cinnamon Scented Couscous

Orange & Ginger Scented Couscous

Lemon & Rosemary Scented Couscous

PAIRFUM herb thyme rosemary natural room fragrance perfume
PAIRFUM herb thyme rosemary natural room fragrance perfume
Chromatic Glass Switzerland

Exhibition: Chromatic Glass Switzerland

A colourful selection from the contemporary glass art collection

From 29.06.2016 to 24.09.2017

MUDAC Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains
Pl. de la Cathédrale 6
CH-1005 Lausanne
T +41 21 315 25 30
F +41 21 315 25 39
[email protected]

Colour is the result of the reflection or refraction of light coming from the objects that surround us, the result of the interaction between light and matter. It is not an intrinsic property of matter.

Chromatic Glass celebrates colour through mudac’s contemporary glass collection by presenting a selection of 50 pieces from renowned artists (1960s to the current day), with a sensory, scientific and fun approach to the medium.

click to see Chromatic

A Design Renaissance Italy Chairs

Cool Interior Designs From Italy And Denmark

Design as an essential part of life.

Both the Italians and the Danes have a remarkable skill for creating statement pieces that have the ability to transform a home from the mundane into something special.

Regardless of whether this are everyday objects or major pieces, they both see design as an essential part of life.

Championing affordable statement pieces, Danish designers are transforming homes with pared-back and functional pieces:

Click to see cool Danish designs

Cool Danish Design For The Home

Londoners are being charmed by niche Italian brands with their blend of traditional skills and innovation:

click to see Italian designs

A Design Renaissance Italy Kitchen

Home Design In Black White Study

Home Design In Black And White

Design Inspiration

Home Design In Black White Bedroom

A young designer transformed her apartment in an old school house flat into a cool loft apartment, with the colours black and white. The warehouse-style flat was stylishly renovated with a new black kitchen, white floorboards and an abundance of natural light.

click to see the apartment

Home Design In Black White Kitchen

Relaxing Garden Ponds

Relaxing Garden Ponds

Relaxing Garden Ponds

Garden ponds always have a wonderfully relaxing, calming and soothing effect. In this context, all elements of a ponds have inspired perfumes over the ages, such as water lilies, irises, waterfalls, various types of moss, springs, driftwood, zen gardens, …

Relaxing Garden Ponds


Here is an article with inspirational garden ponds for every type of home.


Relaxing Garden Ponds

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