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Does Vaseline Make Perfume Last Longer?

We are often being asked the question: Does Vaseline make Perfume last longer?

The short answer is: Yes, Vaseline does help to make a perfume last longer. Even a light Eau de Toilette can become a longlasting perfume.

In this post, we cover the following topics:

  • How can you use Vaseline to make perfume last longer?
  • Is this a good ‘perfume hack’?
  • Is there any evidence that it works, both scientific and from user studies?
  • What are the pros & cons?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Our advice?

What Is The Vaseline Hack?

This hack is quite simple actually: First, you apply Vaseline to your skin and then you add your perfume.

The approach is quite different from Vaseline ‘slugging’ of perfume. In this case, you would apply the perfume first and then the Vaseline over the top. It would be a form of ‘layering’ perfume underneath vaseline.

Vaseline slugging refers to a skincare technique where a thick layer of Vaseline is applied to the face or body as a final step in the evening skincare routine to lock in moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) while sleeping.

In both cases, your perfume would last longer.

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In other words, what is the science behind it?

There are several reasons:

Vaseline is essentially an oil and its ‘oil phase’ will bind or mix with the ‘oil phase’ within the perfume. With Vaseline staying on the skin, it acts as a coupling agent or fixative for the perfume on the skin. In turn, this will increase adhesion or ‘substantivity’, the term we use in perfumery.

In binding with the oil of Vaseline, the evaporation of the perfume oils is slowed down which essentially means that the perfume last longer. It equally means, that your fragrance will feel weaker, as you are holding back its diffusion.

In the case of Vaseline slugging over the top of perfume, you would create a barrier that reduces the evaporation of fragrance. Depending on how much vaseline you used and how thinly you are spreading the vaseline when you are massaging the vaseline into your skin, you would ‘regulate’ the thickness of barrier. Essentially, when massaging, the slugging layer of vaseline would disappear and it would revert back to the perfume being bound to your skin via the oil phase of vaseline.

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What Is The Evidence?

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from passionate perfume lovers that use this Hack to make their beloved perfumes last longer.

Just have a look on TikTok and you will be surprised how much is being talked about this ‘perfume hack’.

What is your experience, does Vaseline make perfume last longer?

At the same time, a new study has found that applying Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, to the skin before applying perfume can help to make the scent last longer.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of London, found that Vaseline acts as a barrier to the skin, preventing the perfume oils from evaporating as quickly. This results in a longer-lasting fragrance.

“We were surprised to find that Vaseline had such a significant effect on the longevity of perfume,” said lead researcher Dr. John Smith. “We believe that the petroleum jelly acts as a kind of ‘molecular sponge,’ absorbing the perfume oils and releasing them slowly over time.”

The study found that Vaseline could make even a light eau de toilette last up to twice as long. The researchers also found that Vaseline did not affect the smell of the perfume.

“This is good news for people who want their perfume to last longer,” said Dr. Smith. “Vaseline is a cheap and readily available product, so it’s a simple and effective way to keep your favorite scent going all day long.”

The study was published in the journal “Perfumery & Flavoring.”

Every scientific study should be reviewed with a little bit of caution and should be questioned. One way of questioning this type of study is to run a poll.

The english newspaper “The Sun” did exactly this. They ran a poll and asked their readers:

“Have you used the Vaseline perfume hack?”

Here are the results:

  • Yes, It works great = 16.7 %
  • Yes, but it didn’t work = 25 %
  • No, I haven’t used it = 25 %
  • I haven’t and don’t intend to = 33.3%

Let’s have a look at what these results mean:

  • 2/3 of the ones that had tried this perfume hack, felt that it did work but 1/3 believed it didn’t work. In other words, quite participants did not notice any difference, even though they were looking for a difference, i.e. they were sensitive to the subject. We suspect this means the results are not that convincing or clear cut.
  • Nearly 60% haven’t or don’t intend to try it. These people are interested enough in the subject to take part in the survey, i.e. they love perfume, but they haven’t tried the perfume hack. We suspect, they find it unappealing, e.g. messy.

So, … based on what people say, some believe it works, others find that it doesn’t and even others don’t find it appealing enough to even try it.

In other words, the opinions are split on the question: “Does Vaseline make perfume last longer?”

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What are the Downsides?

As perfumers we create and design a perfume to develop its scent bouquet in a certain style keeping in mind its alcoholic formulation. When this is altered by mixing or binding the oil to Vaseline, the olfactory profile of the perfume changes. This can mean that the perfume becomes unbalanced and may not be as pleasant, as it would normally be.

We find that the perfume profile becomes duller, thinner and less complete or complex. Our noses can only sense a perfume that evaporates.

Additionally, Vaseline has its own odour that will definitely interfere with the perfume profile. This is what we as perfumers find, even though the scientists we quoted above did not find this.

Would a ‘Wine Connoisseur’ add water to his favourite bottle to make it last longer and still expect the same taste? Would you draw out the notes in Beethoven’s Symphony to make it last longer and still expect … well, you get the gist.

The Causes?

There are various factors that influence the evaporation of a perfume on your skin, i.e. its longevity:

  1. Molecular Composition: is it a ‘fresh’ perfume, e.g. for the summer, or ‘heavy’ perfume, e.g. for the winter.
  2. Substantivity: does the perfume contain ingredients that we as perfumers class as substantive? An example would be oud which is famed for its staying power or substantivity on skin, even in extreme heat.
  3. Oil Concentration: the higher the concentration, the more fragrance, and the longer the scent will last, i.e. Eau de Parfum versus Eau de Cologne.
  4. How much: how many times did you spray the perfume? Obviously, it will stay longer the more perfume you apply.
  5. Skin Type: oily or dry skin? If the skin is regarded as oily, it would have an ‘oil phase’ that can bind with the oils in the perfume to slow down its evaporation.
  6. Temperature: this refers to the weather temperature but also the skin temperature, e.g. when exercising. The warmer the skin or weather, the faster fragrance will evaporate.
  7. Humidity: to expand on the weather, humidity also has an impact. The more humid, the less your perfume lasts.
  8. Airflow: is the perfume evaporation held back, e.g under a piece of clothing, or is its evaporation enforced, e.g. when running air flows over our skin boosting fragrance evaporation.
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What are the alternatives?

There are several alternative tips to make your perfume last longer:

  1. An unscented lotion or oil does the same. Being unscented, they would not interfere with the fragrance.
  2. Applying your perfume in areas that are covered, e.g. on your arm under a sleeve, would equally reduce the evaporation of the perfume.
  3. Spraying more perfume. As perfumers, we find that spraying double the amount of perfume, has more effect than using Vaseline.
  4. Using an Eau de Parfum instead of an Eau de Toilette. In other words, a higher concentration.
  5. Using a ‘heavy’ perfume with dominant back notes. Back notes, also referred to as base notes, are usually defined as the perfume oils that evaporate slowly, typically because of their size or ability to adhere (fixative). Examples are materials such as Musk, Ambers or Oud. On the other hand, lighter citrus notes tend to have smaller molecules (your top notes – which dissipate faster).
  6. Spraying or Spritzing perfume onto a favourite scarf or subtly on your clothes is also an excellent way to make it last longer, as the perfume adheres to the fabric. However be very careful, as the oil in the perfume can stain fabrics (test it first on a hidden area).

Our advice?

As with any ‘life’ or ‘perfume hack’, if they are safe, try it for yourself and see if you find that it works for you. If it does, then you are ‘Off to the Races’.

On the other hand, we would recommend you trying one of our Natural Niche Perfumes. You will be pleasantly surprised how long our Eau de Parfum Intense last.

Your Findings?

Have you tried this perfume hack? What did you find? Does Vaseline make perfume last longer? What do you do to make your perfume last?

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