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Fresh Flowers – The New Bin Freshener

Rarely is a public bin (or trash can) being admired nowadays but seeing beautiful floral bouquets decorating these trash cans, one cannot help but hope to see more this type of bin freshener.

Lewis Miller Nyc Scented Bin Freshener Deco

The designer Lewis Miller filled empty trash cans on the streets of New York with beautiful floral bouquets using the voluminous bins as vases to support the colorful blooms and lush greenery.

These decorative arrangements are made up of a variety of blooms:

  • pale pink roses,
  • branches of flowering azaleas,
  • bright sunflowers,
  • gorgeous exotic blooms, and
  • striking greenery.
Lewis Miller Nyc Floral Bin Freshener Art Perfume

“We are storytellers through the art of floral design, transforming an arrangement into a love song and an event into an indelible experience.” This is how the team of Lewis Miller describe the project in their own words.

The team noticed, how pedestrians no longer walk around the bins but are actually drawn to the floral installations to smell the beautiful flowers in their unique ‘vases’.

Lewis Miller Nyc Floral Bin Freshener Perfume

This is what we call an ideal bin freshener and we encourage more cities to adopt creative ways of turning smelling trash cans into pieces of art that draw crowds.

We invite all city authorities to call us here at Pairfum London, if they would like to realise a project in this field.

Lewis Miller Nyc Floral Bin Freshener Perfume

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