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How Often Do You Wear Your Favourite Perfume?

As perfumers, we are often asked the question: “How often do you wear your favourite perfume?

We find, most people wear their preferred fragrance on a daily basis.

However, the exact number of days varies from person to person. Some may wear it every day, while others may only wear it on special occasions or certain times of the year. Others have multiple favourite perfumes that they rotate between.

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Insights, Research & Statistics: Favourite Perfume

We are not aware of any specific scientific research into how often people wear their favourite perfume. While there have been studies on perfume usage and consumer behavior in the fragrance industry, they tend to focus more broadly on consumer preferences and buying habits rather than specific usage patterns.

That being said, there have been some surveys and polls conducted by perfumery industry and market research firms that provide some insight into how people use and wear their most-loved perfumes. For example, one survey conducted by Scentbird found the following:

  • 63% of respondents wear their preferred perfume every day,
  • 28% wear it a few times a week, and
  • 9% wear it only on special occasions.

Here are additional insights into often people wear a perfume:

  • 54% of Britains use perfume regularly. Perfume is applied more frequently than decorative cosmetics, e.g. lipstick, mascara (source: Statista).
  • 2.7 million women from the UK use their perfume more than once a day, 4.5 million use it two or three times a week and 1.4 million reach for their fragrance only 2 or 3 times a month (source: Statista). Within the GCC or Arab States of the Gulf, the average consumer applies perfume 2 – 4 times per day (source: industry insights).
  • 29% of the population in Britain purchase 1 – 2 perfumes within a period of 12 months. About 8% state they 3 – 4 fragrances during a year and only 2% of bought five or six. Finally, 4% claimed they had bought more than seven perfumes in the last 12 months (source: industry insights). In France, these quantities double on average and within the GCC, the average consumer buys 20 x perfumes per year (source: industry insights).
  • The male perfumery market is roughly have the size of the female market (source: statista). In other words, the above numbers are probably halved for men.

However, it’s important to note that these surveys are not necessarily representative of the entire population and may not be scientifically rigorous in their methodology.

Overall, while there may be some data available on perfume usage patterns, it’s difficult to make general statements about how often the average person wears their favourite perfume, since it can vary so much from person to person.

Here are some factors that we have found to influence how often you wear your most cherished fragrance:

  • Your lifestyle – If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may not have time to apply your favourite perfume every day.
  • Your activities – What you have you planned for the day may influence your decision: work, gardening, exercize, a party / night out, a formal occasion, …
  • Your budget – If you have a limited budget, you may not be able to afford to wear your treasured fragrance every day.
  • Your preferences – Some people prefer to wear different perfumes on different days, while others may stick to one scent. Agin, others will vary their perfume throughout the day. Do they still have a favoured perfume?
  • The weather / season – Hot and humid weather can cause perfumes to evaporate quickly, so you may not wear your beloved scent as often in the summer. Alternatively, you may apply several different notes during the day and even layer them.
  • Your generation – We find that the younger generation see wearing perfume more as an essential and wear a fragrance every day. Older generations may still see perfume as a precious luxury only to be worn on special occasions.
  • Taste – We all notice that our taste changes over time. This may be linked to our age but also the ‘zeitgeist’ in fragrances. Perfumes that used to be cherished by us, my gradually lose their appeal to us and we find that we switch to a different note.

From listening to our customers, we believe that on average, most people tend to wear their most-cherished fragrance several times a week.

However, this number may vary depending on the factors listed above. For example, if you lead a busy lifestyle, you may only wear your favourite scent on the weekends. On the other hand, if you have a generous budget and enjoy wearing different scents, you may wear your beloved perfume more often.

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In conclusion, the number of days you wear your favourite perfume depends on a variety of factors.

Generally, people tend to wear their favoured scent several times a week and on the other days they choose a different perfume, but what exactly is being done may vary depending on your lifestyle, activities, budget, preferences, your generation and the weather or season.

We would enjoy hearing from you:

  • How often do you wear your favourite perfume?
  • How frequently do you change it?

Keeping your answers in mind, is it time for you to look at Natural Niche Perfume from Pairfum London?

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