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In Italy they say: “Christmas for Family” and “Easter for Everyone”

As we look forward to Easter this weekend, we should keep in mind this beautiful saying from Italy:

“Christmas for Family” and “Easter for Everyone”

A time to enjoy the company of good Friends, old and new, to perhaps pick up the phone and make that call you have been meaning to for ages, to drop someone an email, or if you can still find ‘Pen and Paper’ in this electronic World of ours, to write someone a letter (it is harder than you think!).

It doesn’t really matter what you do, it is just that you take that most precious commodity ‘Time’ and do it.

So, from all of us here at PAIRFUM London we wish you a very ‘Happy Easter’, wherever you are.

We wish you ‘Time’ to spend with Friends and Family, ‘Time’ for yourselves and most of all ‘Time’ to enjoy the People who come into your Life.

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