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Christmas Has Arrived Advent Calendar

Christmas Has Arrived On The Advent Calendar

Advent Has Arrived Christmas Calendar

Today the last door of the Christmas / Advent Calendar was opened.

Kids will leave you in no doubt:

Christmas Has Arrived!

Is everybody familiar with the Christmas or Advent Calendar?

No, then read on to find out more.

Has Arrived Advent Christmas Calendar

The Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is a Germany tradition, first used by the Lutherans / Protestants in the 19th century.

It is a unique calendar used to count down the days to Christmas, with the last day on the calendar being the 24th of December.

Typically, it has 24 different doors / gates / pockets / etc with each pocket revealing a little gift for the day.

The 24th of December reveals a special present.

The types of presents range from chocolates, little toys to trinkets, there is no limit to the possibilities.

The calendar can be ‘home made’ by the parents or bought readily and full of chocolates.

Kids (and Adults) of all sizes and ages look forward to receiving their Christmas Calendar and with it the first of their

Christmas Gifts.

Merry Christmas from all here at Pairfum London.

Merry Christmas Gift Pairfum London Perfume Champagne Sparkling




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Fragrance Christmas 3rd of Advent Calendar Candle

Sunday was the 3rd of Advent

Christmas 3rd of Advent Calendar Candle Perfume

This past Sunday was the 3rd of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, also called ‘Rose Sunday’.

“Why Rose Sunday?” you may ask, … read on to find out.

Each Sunday during the Advent highlights one of the 4 virtues of Jesus Christ:

Hope – 1st of Advent

Love – 2nd of Advent

Joy – 3rd of Advent / Gaudette Sunday

Peace – Christmas Eve/Day


Christmas 3rd of Advent Calendar Candle Scented

Guadete Sunday

Gaudete Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent in the liturgical calendar of the Western Churches, including the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, Lutheran and other mainline Protestant Churches.

On Gaudete Sunday rose-coloured vestments may be worn instead of violet or deep blue, which are otherwise used for every day in the season of Advent.

Hence, Gaudete Sunday was also known as “Rose Sunday”.

If you would enjoy a ‘Rose’ perfume in your home during this week, we can highly recommend our perfume “Blush Rose & Amber”.

Here is the fragrance description:

“A top note of precious Iris,

leads into a sensuous, intensely feminine floral bouquet of Regal Rose in harmony with Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Freesia,

supported by a deep and warm fond of Crystal Amber, Musk and Rich Woods.”

Our Snow Crystal Candles in “Blush Rose & Amber” are perfect for the Christmas Season!


Blush Rose Amber Pairfum London Lily Valley

Christmas 3rd of Advent Calendar Candle Fragrance

Perfume Christmas 3rd of Advent Calendar Candle

Christmas Scented 3rd of Advent Calendar Candle

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Fragrance Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle

“Love” is the Meaning of the 2nd of Advent

Perfume Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle

Last Sunday was the 2nd of Advent 2019!

The Advent calendar are 4 candles on an evergreen wreath in a circle, symbolising God’s eternity.

The custom of the Advent calendear as a wreath began around the time of the Martin Luther, the protestant reformer.

Each Sunday during the Advent highlights one of the 4 virtuse of Jesus Christ:

Hope – 1st of Advent

Love – 2nd of Advent

Joy – 3rd of Advent

Peace – Christmas Eve/Day

The exact order and wording varies among the Christian Churches but the lighting of an additional candle each week symbolises the coming of Christ.

Here at Pairfum, we have the perfect candle for the 2nd of Advent:

The Message Candle

It is the perfect candle, if you would like to convey “Love” or say “Thank You” during the pre-Christmas season.

Which of your friends, family or colleagues would you like to send a Personalised Message?

Use the included piece of chalk to write on the side of the candle.

Make it your very own 2nd of Advent candle.

Message Candle Black Orchid

Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle Fragrance

Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle Perfume

Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle Scented

Christmas Scented 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle

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Advent Start Christmas Candle Light Glass

Advent Has Started!

Advent Start Christmas Candle Tree

Advent 2019

This Advent began on Sunday the 1st of December and will end on Monday the 24th of December.

In many Christian Churches, Advent is a time of expectant waiting, a preparation for the celebration of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.

The word ‘advent’ derives from a Latin word meaning “coming”.

Advent is the beginning of the Western Christian Calendar Year, which starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, also referred to as ‘Advent Sunday’.

As a sign of Advent having started, Churches and many Homes light a candle on an Advent wreath. An additional candle is lit with each coming Sunday until 4 candles are burning on Christmas.

In Sweden, the practice of erecting a Chrismas tree and Christmas also starts with Advent.

Why not start your Advent with a beautiful, natural Snow Crystal Candle by Pairfum?

Then add another with each Sunday until Christmas Eve.

Advent Start Christmas Candle Light Glass

Pairfum Snow Crystal Candle Linen Lavender Top Jpg

Advent Start Christmas Candle Light London

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Yoga Benefits Top 5 Reasons

Yoga Benefits: Top 5 Reasons That Will Convince You To Start Today!


Have you every thought about Yoga and not dared to try it because of some preconceived ideas or fear of ridicule, maybe you have just wondered how can Yoga help me or what are the “Yoga Benefits”?

In this article, we present the Top 5 x reasons for practicing Yoga, in the hope they will convince you to start Yoga.

Don’t worry, the benefits of yoga start straight away and not just when you have become a seasoned guru or mastered the most challenging poses.

Yoga Benefits Improve Posture Stone

1: Reduce Stress & Anxiety

By simply slowing our breathing down (deep breaths) it will sooth and quieten the mind, yoga and meditation allows us to be more peaceful and reduce our stress levels.

According to a US national survey, over 85% of people who practice yoga reported that it helped them to improve their general health.

Yoga is considered to be a complete mind-body exercise which is both beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Yoga Benefits Sleep Feet Adult Child Bed Health Improve

2: Improves Your Quality Of Sleep

It is commonly believed that there are are four streams of Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga and from these other streams and practices have emerged.

One of which is Nidra Yoga which can be used to help you relax and to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

By helping you to unwind and de-stress it allows you to achieve a relaxed state between awakening and sleep, which enables you to let go of worries, negative thoughts and any emotional stress that may have been caused by a hard day at work or caring for your family.

You’ll be able to enjoy a much deeper, longer, more energising and invigorating sleep.

Your sleep can be further enhanced by including the addition of a fragrance, the use of Lavender being one of the best known fragrances for this.

However, other fragrances such as Chamomile, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood are also known to help foster relaxation and sleep.

One of the easiest ways to include or use a fragrance while preparing for sleep or doing Yoga is to use a natural spray like the PAIRFUM London Flacon Sleep Spray

Don’t worry, we have not forgotten to tell you how it works – you will just have to read a little further to get the full explanations in point 5!

Yoga Benefits Mat Woman Pose Stress Anxiety

3: Yoga Is For Everyone!

Yoga really is for everyone, despite your age, gender or physical condition.

There is no need to be a contortionist or a master of the martial arts.

You just need a quite & pleasant place to sit or lie down in and comfortable, practical clothing (at least in the beginning).

After a while you realise that you can do Yoga anywhere:

  • standing waiting in a queue,
  • sitting on the bus, train or on an aeroplane,
  • any other place, …

Well, … I am not suggesting that you decide to do actual Yoga poses while in a queue or using public transport. Instead, we recommend meditation for these moment. Meditation is at the heart of Yoga and really deserves an article all to itself.

There are postures for beginners that will help you to improve your flexibility, stability and will allow you to strengthen your muscles, plus they increase your concentration levels.

In fact, you might like to encourage your children to take up Yoga as early as possible, …

How about prenatal yoga ? There are postures designed for pregnant women.

Now, … you can’t start much earlier than that.

Yoga Benefits Rock Woman Meditate De Stress Clean Air

4: Enhanced Brain Activity

In many ways, our brains are like a muscle and practising yoga will have similar effects for your brain as going to the gym has for our body.

Just as with meditation, yoga can improve your concentration level – and it does not stop there..

According to a study led by Harris Eyre in 2013, yoga would significantly increase your spatial and visual memory.

In fact Dr. Eyre noticed in the study, that the participating seniors who were practising Kundalini yoga, had improved as fast as the other participants who were doing memory exercises.

The main difference was that the participants who were doing yoga also improve with regards to reduced depression and visuospatial memory during the same period.

Yoga Benefits Fragrance Memory Graphic

5: Trigger Yoga Benefits Through Your Olfactory Memory

Did you know that you can train your brain to immediately start to relax while practising Yoga, by including a fragrance in the background?

This is how it is done:

  • select a suitable background fragrance and we have included some suggestions below
  • use a candle or spray to disperse the scent before or/and during your yoga session

The additional benefit of using a background fragrance is that your brain associates it with yoga or relaxation and when it comes to the time to prepare for bed & sleep, you can automatically trigger the relaxing effects of Yoga by releasing the same fragrance in the bedroom.

Some practical applications would be:

  • select one of the Pairfum Flacon Sleep Sprays and spray a little fragrance onto your Yoga mat every time you practice
  • before going to bed, spray a small amount of your chosen fragrance onto your pillows, sheets or duvet.

You will notice after a short period of time that your brain associates your chosen scent with the benefits of Yoga & Relaxation and that you will enjoy a better night’s sleep.

As we have mentioned earlier in the article, the best notes to help foster relaxation and sleep are Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood.

Yoga Benefits Top 5 Reasons Stone Green Clean

Olfactive Tools For Yoga

Suitable Fragrances:

If the fragrance you have chosen as your yoga workmate is either Lavender or Vanilla, then you are in for some additional benefits, as studies have shown that these essential oils are able to lower your blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature.

Setting the Mood:

Using a natural candle made with essential oils during yoga, not only sets the mood but enables you to release your chosen fragrance during the session.

Choosing any of the fragrances we have previously suggested will be a perfect companion for you on your yoga journey.

Make sure to use a natural, non-toxic, non-sooting, clean burning candle.

It is well worth remembering that the practice of Yoga and meditation, improves both mental and physical health, memory and relaxation.

So with all these benefits in mind, why not give it a go?

By including some simple tools, such as a candle or a natural reed diffuser, it will help you create your own little corner of paradise, where you leave negative thoughts or emotions and the ‘Cares of the World’ behind.

Yoga Benefits Top 5 Reasons Sleep Heal

In conclusion:

Combining Yoga & Natural Fragrances will increase the speed with which you obtain your Yoga Benefits!

So now, … what are you waiting for?

Your motto should be:

Ready, Steady, Yoga!

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Seaside Fragrance Sex On The Beach Sunset Perfumer Reason

Has The Seaside Lost Its Smell?
Could Sex On The Beach Be The Reason?

Has the Seaside Lost its Smell and why would Sex on the Beach be the reason?

Who among us does not love a trip to the seaside and all that comes with it: the fresh air, soft sand, the sound of the sea and the tangy aroma we associate with it?

The fresh, salty smell of the ocean is one of the most distinctive smells on the planet.

It evokes memories of crashing waves, sandy beaches, the cry of seagulls and if we are very lucky, the wonderful aroma of Fishing Boats, Ice-Cream & Suntan Lotion.

While travelling for work recently, I decided to stay at a quintessential English Seaside town.

In the days leading up to my visit to the seaside I found that I was really looking forward to it, and I am sure if I could have gotten away with it, I would have brought along a bucket & spade, a fishing net for use in the rock pools and flip-flops.

Then, … I remembered that I had not seen or used my seaside essentials in over thirty years.

(Well, … that is my version of events and I’m sticking to it)

Seaside Fragrance Sex On The Beach English Village

After booking into a small family run hotel, I decided that if I was going to the seaside, then staying in one of the large chain run Hotels was not on.

So, on my first evening there, I went for a walk along the beach.

(Sorry, … but you will have to read a little further on for the ‘sex on the beach’ part)

The sun was setting and a beautiful warm breeze was blowing off the sea, I was in Heaven and had decided to keep an eye out for shops that would sell my seaside essentials after all.

It may have been tiredness or the simple fact that I was so delighted to be by the sea, but it was not until the following morning when I went for a walk on the beach before breakfast and heading off to work, that I noticed that the Seaside had ‘Lost its Smell’!

As a Perfumer for me the World revolves around smell, and if an aroma as distinctive as the Sea is not discernible, then there is something seriously amiss?

Seaside Smell Fragrance Sex On The Beach Sunset

If someone asked you ‘what does the sea smell of’ or ‘why does the sea smell like the sea’, would or could the answer be sand, sea breeze or even as the Victorians believed Ozone?

Not one single note can truly conjure up the smell of the sea.

So, … while standing wondering where the seaside smell had gone and at the same time burying my toes in the sand, which is something along with paddling that is a prerequisite when at the seaside,

I noticed that there was not a single strand of seaweed anywhere to be seen on the beach, no seaweed, no seashells only driftwood.

I was delighted to see that there was no rubbish on the beach, but not a single strand of seaweed either?

Sea Perfume Sex On The Beach Seaweed Algae

Then I remembered reading an article where scientists have finally discovered how the seaside odour is produced and it can all be traced back to an enzyme that allows algae to survive in their salty seawater environment.

The smell we recognise as ‘The Sea’ is produced by algae on the ocean surface that release an aromatic compound called dimethylsulfide (DMS) into the air.

While scientists identified ‘DMS’ as the molecule responsible for the distinctive smell of the ocean some years ago, exactly how it was produced in the ocean was unclear.

What was clear was that the molecule plays an important role in cloud formation and also provides chemical attractants that guides various marine animals including some sea birds, invertebrates, and even mammals – toward potential food supplies.

So in our world it is the equivalent to a restaurant sign saying it is open for business …

Sea Side Fragrance Sex On The Beach Kelp Algae

The researchers also noted that the gene appears to be present in many other marine organisms including ‘Seaweeds’ that also release DMS.

This may explain why so many plants that grow under the ocean or along the coastline have such a distinctive seaside odour, it may also explain why on some days the smell of the sea can be stronger than on others as different algae blooms flourish.

It may also be the reason why we not only know the smell of the sea, but the food that it provides has that distinct flavour that we all associate with it, a fresh brininess that creates that ocean flavour.

When discussing this phenomena with another Perfumer, they mentioned reading an article that spoke about seaweed reproduction, and the fact that during certain times of the year seaweed has a stronger ‘Seaside Odour’ than normal and, …

that scientists had discovered that during the seaweed reproductive cycle the female produced a lot more of these volatile compounds, so that all those handsome virile male seaweed swimming around in the ocean would smell this wonderful Perfume and come a calling.

Fragrance Sex On The Beach Seaside Village English

This gives a whole new meaning to ‘Sex on the Beach’.

So, … the next time you have the opportunity to visit the seaside, spare a thought for that humble wonderful edible seaside dweller, that not only helps provides us with the Seaside smell we love so much, but helps with the formation of clouds and that feeds a myriad of other marine life.

Another thought that should pop into your head is, that if this very special algae is smart enough to use a Perfume to attract their perfect mate.

Then this is the perfect definition of ‘Sex on the Beach’!

What are you waiting for?

A trip to the Seaside perhaps?

Or, … would your time be better spent finding out what is your ‘Perfect Perfume’?

That way your perfect partner will come to You …

Fragrance Sea Salt Sage Amber Sex On The Beach

Water Scent Sex On The Beach Seaweed Algae

Fragrance Sex on The Beach Seaside

Fragrance Sea Salt Sage Amber Sex on the Beach English Village

Seaside Smell Fragrance Sex On The Beach Sunset

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True Fragrance Experience PAIRFUM London's Niche Eau de Parfums Man Spray

Risk-Free Opportunity to Experience PAIRFUM London’s Niche Eau de Parfums

If Someone offered you a Risk-Free Opportunity to Experience PAIRFUM London’s Niche Eau de Parfums, what would you say?

Woman Oil True Fragrance Experience PAIRFUM London's Niche Eau de Parfums

Well, … to start the Launch of our New Collection this is what we are going to Offer to the first 100 Perfume Lovers that say “YES”.

Authentic Fragrance Experience PAIRFUM London's Niche Eau de Parfums Spray

Simply click on the link HERE for further details.

Do you need a wonderful Gift for Father’s Day, but are you not sure what to send or give … ?

Authentic Fragrance Experience PAIRFUM London's Niche Eau de Parfums Spray

Even if you know that they would LOVE a new ‘Eau de Parfum’ …

How can you be sure they will LOVE the one you choose?

Authentic Fragrance Experience Bottle

Well remember, we did offer you a Risk-Free Opportunity to Experience PAIRFUM London’s Niche Eau de Parfums, …

If you place your order by 12 Noon on 12th of June with us, we will deliver it on time for You.

Then from there you will allow your Father or Yourself to Experience the Magic ….

Everything to Gain and Nothing to Loose …

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon, as it is a limited number on offer x

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Pairfum London Artisan Handmade Lets Talk Perfume

Let’s Talk Perfume! Would You Like to Know How?

Following numerous emails that we have received, all enquiring if we give or hold talks on Perfumery, we have decided to run a series of Let’s Talk Perfume events.

Discover Perfumer You Pairfum London

The format for these events was something that we have discussed at great length, as our aim is to allow as many people as possible to be able to join in.

Want Learn Secrets Of Perfumery Pairfum London Fragrance

So simply holding an event in a specific location to start off with, would for obvious reasons be limiting.

However, thank’s to the wonders of technology and the internet, it does not matter if you have written to us from the UK, USA, Switzerland, Nigeria or the U.A.E.

Join Tribe Perfume Lovers

Everyone and anyone can join in no matter where in the World you call Home …

Pairfum London Artisan Handmade Know Amazing You Are

So, … if you are a ‘Perfume Lover’ and you would like to join in then please contact us here.

Learn Perfumery Where You Start Pairfum London

Or, … contact us via one of our Social Media pages below:

We look forward to hearing from you so that we can all get together and Let’s Talk Perfume.

Join Family Perfume Lovers

Here is an example of a ‘Let’s Talk Perfume’ event.

Our perfumer, Huib Maat, was recently interviewed by the ‘StartUp Van’ about perfumery, how he got into fragrances, niche perfume and many other subjects:

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