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Let’s Ask Mum

With Mother’s Day on the Horizon, everywhere you look there are reminders of how we should treat our Mothers on this special day. Instead, we thought, it should be “Let’s Ask Mum” !

Consequently, here at PAIRFUM we started to ask ourselves and others, “What do Mother’s really want for Mother’s Day” and we mean really, really want!

Following a lot of very nice suggestions ranging from ‘a two week all expenses paid Holiday in Bali’, ‘a Weekend at an exclusive Spa’, to ‘a week Skiing at a top resort of their choice’, we started to come back down to earth and realised that most children, be they 2 or 82, do not have that sort of money in their Piggy Bank.

We also came to the realisation that we never ask our Mother’s what they want.

Now, … as all of us know, our Mothers are very good at telling us what they want, but it is normally for our benefit not theirs.

I am sure there are the few exceptions to the rule, but generally our Mums do not tell us what they would like as a gift on Mother’s Day.

So,… this year we thought we would ask for a change, and give all those Mums out there a chance to say what they would really like.

So we would like to hear from Mothers where ever you may be in the World, what would make ‘Mother’s Day’ really special?

It is time for #Mumstime.

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