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London Design Week: IRIS – The Soap Bubble Lights


The London Design Week this year ran during 19 – 27 September,  and here are a few of our highlights from a perfumery perspective.

Eau De Lumiere

We previously mentioned ‘eau de lumiere’ being a highlight for us: lights inspired by perfume

click to read “Eau de Lumiere – a ‘light’ Home Fragrance”

IRIS – The Soap Bubble Lights

We then spotted the “Iris” pendent lamps by Sebastian Scherer of Neo/Craft: lights that are reminiscent of ‘soap bubbles’. The inspiration for Iris were bubbles blown by children. It comes as no surprise then that they seem to have a magnetic draw for visitors, wanting to touch and explore their semi-translucent form.

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The soap bubble lights take the form of a permanent bubble:  perfectly spherical, smooth and beautifully iridescence like oil. The iridescence is achieved through a new coating on the glass being used by the designers.

neo craft soap bubble light natural perfume oil hand body wash

Glass Bubbles

‘Glass Bubble’ seemed to be a recurring theme during the London Design week: the ‘curiosity cloud’ installation and Lee Broom’s ‘Podium’ vases.

Curiosity Cloud

click to see “Curiosity Cloud”

London Design Week Curiosity Cloud

Lee Broom

Lee Broom turns ‘Florist’ for the launch of Podium, a collection of vases.

click to see Lee Broom’s “Podium Vase Collection”

click to see Lee Broom’s “Podium Globe”

London Design Week Lee Broom Podium

General Review

For a more general review, The Telegraph published an article summarising the highlights:

click to read “LDW – Highlights”

The official website for the “London Design Festival” also points towards the ‘installations’:

click to see the “Landmark Projects”

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