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Luxury Lavender Candles by PAIRFUM London

Why Do We Love Scented Candles?

Luxury Lavender Candles are one of life’s simple pleasures. If you have had a hard day, want to add a touch of ambiance to your home, or just want to put your feet up and relax, a scented candle can come to the rescue. The world can seem like a much brighter place, once the glow of the flame starts to dance, and your favourite scent fills the room. There really is no better way to end the day, than by letting any tension of the day slip away, enjoying an evening bathed in soft candlelight, and surrounded by a beautiful fragrance.

Purple White Lavender Field Scent

Some fragrances in scented candles that are easily recognisable. Candied sweet vanilla is a staple of the scented candle, wonderful for any time of year. Cinnamon is perfect for the holiday season, adding some delicious festive spice. Then there is lavender, one of the most recognisable fragrances in the world, it’s distinctive scent is fresh and light, floral but not overwhelmingly so.

It goes without saying that a good quality natural lavender candle, is a wonderful addition to any Home.

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Lavender Bag Fragrance

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