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The Ultimate Natural Luxury Reed Diffusers

Why are PAIRFUM London Diffusers the ultimate perfume reed diffusers?

We are frequently being asked why the PAIRFUM® Reed Diffusers are the ultimate Natural Luxury Reed Diffusers.

“How do they work, how long will they last for, are they natural, do they contain alcohol?”

So let’s start at the beginning, as we believe it is a very good place to start! ( apologies we could not help but quote ‘The Sound of Music’ as Reed Diffusers are “One of My Favourite Things” – that’s the last one promise).

How do PAIRFUM® fragrance reed diffusers work?

They will naturally disperse fragrance throughout a room via the natural rattan reeds. Once placed into the aromatic liquid, the porous fibre reeds will draw the liquid up and the fragrance is diffused from the reeds into the air.

PAIRFUM Reed Diffuser are designed to be displayed, Simply open the bottle and insert all the reeds into the perfume infusion. The long black elegant reeds will, draw the liquid up and allow it to diffuse into the room to envelop your home with, exquisite, natural couture perfume.

If you would like to read or find out more about the PAIRFUM London Reed Diffuser, please click on the link below.

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