3 Reasons You Need a Mini Fridge for Perfume Storage

What do you normally store in your fridge? We bet it is just your regular dairy or food items, like milk, eggs, meats, vegetables and much more.

It may sound unusual but many perfume enthusiasts, e.g. parfumistas, fragheads, … have been promoting the trend of storing fragrances inside a mini fridge. There has been a lot of debate about whether or not it is safe to store your perfumes inside a fridge. We wanted to shed some light on why this is the ideal perfume storage option.

When it comes to fragrances, toilet waters, after shaves, eau de parfums and colognes, they all contain a high level of alcohol and between 50-200 different fragrance ingredients. The fragrance ingredients can be natural (e.g. essential oils), nature-identical or synthetic but each has specific storage instructions that are unique to it with regards to:

  • temperature,
  • light,
  • oxygen
  • humidity,
  • … and more

Just like you and many beauticians and make-up artists may store their skincare, beauty and make-up products in a mini fridge (also called beauty or make-up fridge), you will be able to maximise the lifespan of your perfumes if you keep them refrigerated.

Let’s explore the reasons why you should consider a mini fridge for perfume storage.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Mini Fridge for Perfumes Storage

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1. Cooling Slows Down Perfume Ingredient Degradation

It is well established fact amongst perfumers and cosmetic scientist that heat accelerates ageing of their precious ingredients, whist cooling does the opposite. However, cooling taken to its extreme, i.e. the freezing of ingredients, may destroy their integrity. In other words, gentle cooling that you typically find in a household fridge is optimal.

When you purchase a perfume or fragrance, it starts to degrade the moment you open the box and expose the flacon to the elements: light, heat, oxygen, humidity. From the minute you purchase your perfume, take it out of the box and place it in your bed-or bathroom this process of perfume degradation begins. 

Once the perfume is exposed to the outside environment, each individual ingredient within the perfume start to react with the elements in the outside environment and this causes degradation. You cannot stop or prevent this from happening, which is why we always recommend that you should use & enjoy your perfume, as it will not last forever. You can, however, slow down this ageing process by storing the perfume in a cool environment.

Few of us like, however, to keep their perfume (or beauty, make-up or skin care products) next to their food items, particularly food items that make take on the odour of your perfume, e.g. milk, bread, …

This is why it is beneficial to use a mini fridge for perfume storage. A mini fridge will provide a cool, dark environment, allowing the perfume to maintain its integral properties and stay fresh for longer. 

Also, it is much more practical to keep a mini beauty fridge in your bath- or bedroom rather than having to go to the kitchen to apply your fragrance when getting dressed.

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2. Perfumes Storage In A Dark Space

The case that your perfume comes in serves an important additional purpose. Obviously, the packaging is designed to present your perfume beautifully.

It provides, however, a most important secondary benefit by keeping the perfume bottle away from light. To some extend it also protects it the extremes of heat or cold but only for a short while, for example the time it takes you bring the perfume home in the heat of the midday sun or the freezing cold of shopping before Christmas.

Perfumes are made up of different ingredients, which can be chemical or natural. Some of these are flowers, spices, roots, herbs, citrus types but there are many more. Some of these react very sensitively to sunlight, such as spices, some flowers and vanilla.

If you want to maximise the time your favourite perfume and cologne keep their ideal olfactory profile, there are some some simple precautions that we recommend you keep in mind.

This is why it is so important to store your perfume the right way. One thing to keep in mind is that your perfumes need to be kept in a dark and dry place to protect it from its main aggressors, which are light, oxygen and humidity. 

Moreover, perfumes are also required to be stored in a cool place. A sunny place, like your windowsill or a cabinet near a heater, will quickly destroy your perfume. A fridge, however, ensures that your perfume stays away from heat, light and humidity, which makes it an excellent option for perfume storage. 

Additionally, if you store your perfumes in your bathroom, you need to stop immediately. It may be more logical, as you’re likely to get dressed for the day in the bathroom, but it is not ideal for perfume. There are changes in the bathroom temperature multiple times a day, for example, when you take a shower. It is also wet and humid for the most part, which causes perfume degradation.

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3. Increases Shelf Life

All types of perfumes have a lifespan. No matter what fragrance you are using, it will have a lifespan of about two to three years, depending on its composition. Usually, synthetic perfume ingredients tend to have a longer shelf life and fragrances with natural ingredients require more protection.

Clean fragrances and formulations have shorter shelf lives as they are made without the use of stabilisers, preservatives or fragrance extenders. These fragrances might require additional care when it comes to perfume storage.

Refrigerating these types of perfumes can help extend their shelf life. Besides keeping their original olfactive profile, they will last as long on your skin, as when you bought them.

For example, you may find that where you have stored your perfume in a fridge that the note stays fresher for longer.

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