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Natural Cinnamon Candles Buying Guide

There is something very relaxing and comforting about a scented candle.

After a long day, there is no better way to unwind, than to put your feet up and enjoy one of your favourite fragrances, lighting your favourite natural candle. The dancing flames create a cosy warm glow, and as the scent fills your home the tension of the day just melts away.

Vanilla and lavender are some of the most recognisable fragrances, but the most recognisable scent of them all is arguably cinnamon.

Burn, however, a cinnamon candle in your home and you are transported !

It is a beautiful fragrance that can evoke some wonderful memories.

What To Look For In A Cinnamon Candle ?

The spicy scent of cinnamon is a fragrance that so many of us love, and to enjoy it to it's finest, you need to make sure you have a quality cinnamon candle.

There are certain factors to look for, to make sure you have a great candle. Here are some tips.

Wonderful Fragrance

An unlit candle should still smell delightful. The fragrance should be strong, but not overpowering. You want the scent should fill the room gently, not permeate everything. When smelling a cold and unlit candle, it should never irritate the nostrils, if they do, it is likely that when lit the odour will be unpleasant.

Natural Wax

It is always the wise choice to choose a 100% natural wax candles, as they are the safest ones to burn in your home. They burn for longer and at a cooler temperature, without releasing soot and smoke.

Lead-Free Wick

It has been proven that lead candle wicks can be carcinogenic. Which is why we recommend to always check the cinnamon candle of your choice contains a lead-free wick.

A natural cotton wicks eliminates this risk completely.

Clean Burn

You don't want your cinnamon fragrance being taken over by smokey or burning smells when the wax and wick are not in perfect harmony.

It can be hard to determine this before you buy a candle, which is why it is much simpler to trust a candle by Pairfum.

Beautiful Presentation

It isn't just the fragrance you enjoy when you light a scented candle, you also enjoy the subtle glow of a dancing flame. It is all about creating an atmosphere, and a sparkling glass candle, will help create the perfect ambiance, as the flame is reflected in the shining surface.

PAIRFUM cinnamon cardamom star anise home fragrance perfume

About Cinnamon

We have all seen the cinnamon sticks that appear in hot chocolates and mulled wine during the festive season., but what actually is cinnamon? The reason cinnamon has a woody look and feel to it, is because the spice is actually the inner bark of the Cinnamomum genus of trees. The main species from which the bark is harvested are: C. cassia, C.burmannii, C. loureiroi, C. verum, C. citrodorum, and C. tamale.

Cinnamon As a Gift

Several thousand years ago it was so highly prized that it was gifted to royalty and even to the Gods. These days, cinnamon is a gift that anyone can enjoy with over 200,000 tonnes of the spice being produced every year.


Cinnamon is cultivated primarily in the eastern hemisphere, mainly in Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka.

Cinnamon & Food

The aromatic spice is not only found in your favourite spiced candle, but it is also a popular ingredient in foods, both sweet and savoury... it is a treat for a number of senses.

Cinnamon's Trademark Aroma

Cinnamon has such a recognisable and layered fragrance, which makes it the perfect perfume for scented candles. The scent (as well as well as the taste of) cinnamon, comes from the aromatic essential oil that makes up around 1% of the bark's composition.

Sweet and bitter notes, play with spicy and earthy notes, as well as hot and sensual aromas. It is a candle that certainly tickles the palate, perhaps making you crave a delicious piece of apple pie, or an invigorating cinnamon latte.

Cinnamon Candles Star Anise
Spice Cinnamon Reed Diffuser Stick Roll

Perfect for Candles

Cinnamon works so well as a candle fragrance, because it not only smells fantastic on its own, it also complements a number of other scents perfectly.

Cinnamon blends well with so many other fragrances, including:

Other Spices

Cardamom, clove, ginger, vanilla, majoram and nutmeg.


Rose, peppermint and ylang ylang.




bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and orange.

You can enjoy a great blend of fragrances by burning a few of the different scented candles together. Or you could add a few drops of a complementing essential oil to your cinnamon candle, which, will blend with the scent of the candle a short while after you light the wick when the oil has warmed. Mix with citrus to invigorate and awaken, or with florals and other spices to create a romantic or relaxed atmosphere.

Aromatherapy and Cinnamon

The aroma of cinnamon stimulates a number of senses – it can stir the appetite and invigorates the mind and body. It can also bring on feelings of joy, as cinnamon's trademark aroma is associated with so many wonderful things, like baking, exotic and flavoursome cooking, and of course autumn and Christmas. It is impossible not to feel a warm glow inside when a cinnamon candle is burning.

Physical Effects

Cinnamon doesn't just have a positive effect on emotions, it also has a number of beneficial effects on the body. For thousands of years, cinnamon has been used to treat a number of health concerns. The therapeutic effects of cinnamon include being an antiseptic, an antiviral, and as a digestive aid. It also can relieve rheumatic pain and muscle spasms when it is used topically.

The fragrance of cinnamon has a number of beneficial effects, having been shown to be a physical and emotional stimulant. Studies have shown that cinnamon scent can reduce drowsiness, improve mood, act as an aphrodisiac, as well as calm the ache and frequency of headaches. Just the fragrance can also improve general aches and pains, as well as painful period cramps. Furthermore, cinnamon's aroma can help improve concentration, so if you have an important test to study for, it may be worth investing in a good cinnamon candle.

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Why Should You Choose Natural Wax Cinnamon Candles ?

Whether cinnamon is you favourite scent, or whether you prefer something with citrus or floral notes, you should always be selecting a 100% natural wax candle.

A natural wax candle is not only better for you and your home, it is better for the environment too. They burn much more cleanly than candles that contain paraffin wax, without any of the soot build up that can irritate airways, and ruin the scents. Furthermore, natural candles are completely biodegradable, and are totally free of carcinogens, pesticides and herbicides. Finally, they are more cost-effective than paraffin candles, as they burn for around 30-50% longer. With a natural wax cinnamon candle, you will get to enjoy the calming scent longer, and in a safer environment.

If you are taking the time to search for candles that are made of only natural wax, don't forget to make sure that the scent element of your candle is also natural. The cinnamon scent is sometimes created artificially, and added to candles, which really won't give an authentic fragrance. Choose a candle that has all natural ingredients, like the perfumed candles from Pairfum.

The Benefits of Pairfum Natural Wax Candles
The scented candles from Pairfum are made from 100% natural waxes, either stearin or soy wax. With natural waxes you get a cleaner burn than the likes of paraffin wax, which can release harmful chemicals into the air. Our natural waxes are always ethically sourced from sustainable farms, for candles that are kinder to the environment.

Benefits of 100% Natural Wax Candles

Stearin Wax

(Snow Crystal Candles)

Completely Clean Burn: This wax does not smoke, even when the flame is flickering. Furthermore, stearin wax, does not attract dust or debris, so there is never any soot from burning motes.

GM Free: The stearin wax used in Pairfum scented candles are completely GM free, as well as being free from pesticides and herbicides.

Non Toxic: Stearin wax is free of carcinogens and toxins. This gives it a great advantage over paraffin wax candles, as they can contain harmful chemicals such as benzene, which can be released into the air.

Kind to the Environment: Stearin wax candles have a minimal impact on the environment – it is CO2 neutral, biodegradable and is harvested from renewable sources.

Dual Wicks – Having a scented candle with two wicks, ensures that it burns down easily and all the way to the edge, even if it is lit for just a short while. This will really cut down on waste, so you are always getting value for money. Furthermore, the wicks are are made completely from cotton, with no lead or metal filaments, which can release carcinogens when burned.

Beautiful Appearance: The Pairfum Snow Crystlal Candles have a beautiful crystaline appearance, like snowflakes all piled on top of one another. This gives the candle a little extra sparkle when the candle burns. This unique crystallised appearance is achieved only by filling the candle very slowly by hand.. It is a labour of love, which can be seen and felt when the candle is burned.

Soy Wax

(Message Candles & Flower Soy Wax Candles)

Clean Burn: Soy wax burns cleanly without soot or smoke, and no wax residue left n the glass.

Eco-friendly: Our soy candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, without any additives, unlike the cheap soy candles on the market. Pairfum never compromises on quality.

Safe Burn: Like stearin wax, there are no harmful additives in our soy wax candles, and therefore no pollutants released into the air.

Natural Cotton Wicks: The wicks of our soy candles are 100% cotton without any metal filaments. These metal filaments can release harmful toxins into the air, and have no place in Pairfum candles.

Strong Scent: To compensate for reduction in scent of soy candles, due to their lower melting point compared with paraffin wax, here at Pairfum we raise the melting point of our soy wax candles, by using a grade of soy wax, with a naturally high melting point, and increase this by adding 100% natural waxes that only melt at high temperatures. The result is a natural candle that releases a strong and heavenly fragrance.

Beautiful Appearance: All our candles are so beautiful when burning, with quality glass that twinkles perfectly with the pure, smokeless flame. Furthermore, all of our candles are hand poured to ensure the finest appearance and quality.


Cinnamon Reed Diffuser Sticks Star Anise

Rich Spices

- by PAIRFUM -

This rich aromatic and spicy accord opens with a hint of a red berry medley, followed by warm heart notes of chestnut, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove leaf, resting on a base of crushed vanilla pods and sweet dried fruits.

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What Room is Best Suited for a Cinnamon Candle ?

For centuries, cinnamon has been considered to be an aphrodisiac. So, if you are in the mood for love then the bedroom could be the perfect place for your cinnamon candle. If you just want to create a romantic atmosphere, you could cosy up with a the spicy scent in any room of the house – be it enjoying a candle-lit bubble bath, a candle-lit dinner, or just want to bring some romance to movie night in the living room. Cinnamon goes great with popcorn.

Essentially, cinnamon candles will work in all rooms of your house, as it can complement a number of moods. For example, you can burn one in the kitchen when your baking to fill the whole house with a smell that is good enough to eat. Or you could burn one in your dining room whilst hosting a dinner party to stimulate your guests appetite. Cinnamon candles will go particularly well with a Moroccan menu. If you enjoy a particular fragrance, then any room is perfectly suited for you candle.

The Season for Cinnamon Candles ?

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, the rich fragrance of cinnamon is always welcome. But, there is definitely one season which, is most associated with the popular spicy fragrance, and that is Christmas. As soon as the leaves start changing colour on the trees, the sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon are the ones we crave.

There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit, than to burn a few natural cinnamon candles, whilst wrapping gifts or putting up decorations. In fact, a scientific study showed that cinnamon is the smell we most associate with Christmas. Furthermore, the test subjects demonstrated more pleasure and familiarity, when they smelled cinnamon during the holiday season. So, if you do want to get a little bit of extra joy from Christmas, then fill your home with some lovely cinnamon candles.

So, science has established that cinnamon is the official scent of the jolliest time of the year, but why do we associate cinnamon with Christmas? The exotic spice has long been a feature of the special holiday season, it was back in the middle ages when cinnamon started to appear in Europe. At the beginning of the era it was considered a luxury that was used liberally at Christmas time as a show of wealth and prosperity. At the end of the middle ages, cinnamon was more available and it was used as a meat preservative at the time of Christmas feasts. It featured prominently in meat and fruit pies, which evolved over time to the sweet mincemeat pies, we love at Christmas. So, that is why when a cinnamon candle burns, we think of Christmas.

Other Uses For Your Cinnamon Candle?

It has been well established that the aroma of cinnamon is good for both focus and relaxation, but there are some situations where burning a candle is not really appropriate. But you can enjoy that cinnamon candle without burning it. For example, place an unlit cinnamon candle in your car, and as the car warms up, the wax will soften, releasing some of the beautiful scent. This will help keep you soothed and calm in traffic jams,, and focused and alert through a long drive. Better still, once you get home from your long car ride, you can light you candle, for a more intense cinnamon hit.

A downstairs toilet is usually too small a room to burn a candle safely, plus the flame is likely to eat up a lot of the oxygen and burn out, a short time after lighting. However, you can still fill the smallest room of your house with cinnamon loveliness. Simple pop an unlit candle on the window sill, and when the sun or light shines through the window, it will gently warm the candle giving of a burst of cinnamon, which will last so well in the small room. Not a bad way to impress some guests.

A Cinnamon Candle Makes A Great Gift
If cinnamon was once considered to be a good enough gift for royalty and the Gods themselves, then a cinnamon candle is surely a good enough gift for someone special in your life. Don't limit yourself to the holiday season to give the gift of an aromatic candle, it would make a great gift all year round. Cinnamon creates such a wonderful ambiance, relaxing, romantic and cosy, it has a place in every home. Just remember, to always burn your candles safely, and don't forget to blow them out.

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