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New York’s answer to Banksy?

A flower installation by Terrain will grace the streets of New York from May 18th to the 2nd of September. Terrain a landscape architecture studio have placed this ‘Work of Art’ between Broadway and 24th street in Manhattan, as part of the city’s car-free, earth day event.

Is this New York’s answer to Banksy?

New York Bouquet

With this spectacular display Terrain wanted to capture that unique ‘New York Spirit’, in a “City that never Sleeps” you can however ‘Sleepwalk’ your way to and from work or through life, not however, when passing this ‘Super-sized Broadway Bouquet’, which has been described as “a living, breathing, garden-like installation”.

This work aims to give a glimpse of a World free of cars (hard to imagine), and provides an alternative example of what these public spaces could be used for, e.g. displays of public art, inner-city gardens or just a quite space.

This Larger than Life Bouquet came to life thank’s to the generous support of NY City’s Department of Transport or DOT, Blondie’s tree house, a company that designs, builds and maintains landscapes, green walls and interior plants in New York City and Nationally, Duggal visual solutions, a company that works in photo and print production, and Desimone consulting engineers who provide high-quality structural, facades.

Broadway Bouquet

The Art installation harks to the culture of the New York kiosk or corner shop where cut flowers can be found, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island, it is approximately ’12 meters long (40’ feet) and 2,5 meters high (8’)’, and is portable ( although I would not advise ordering a ‘Bouquet’ this big unless you are planning a Royal Wedding!!

It has quickly become a talking and destination point for the public, that brings a smile to your face and must give even the busiest ‘New Yorker’ cause to wonder, even if it is only to wonder where all the Yellow Cabs have gone.

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