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Trend: Think in PINK

Fashion And Colour:

We have all heard, read and discussed the subject of ‘colour’ and ‘fashion’. Hollywood is no exception, with The Devil Wears Prada springing to mind. It sports a scene where the actors discuss the choice between two remarkably similar blue belts and how a trend colour finds its way into our breakfast cereal!

The fact is, ‘colour’ plays an enormously influential part in our day-to-day living. Here are two examples:

Colour simply is a vast and powerful tool used in branding, product design and marketing, to be found almost everywhere in our lives, incl. politics.

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Colour Trends Are Fascinating !

A recent example would be trend of ‘matte black’. You could see it everywhere, from cars, through nails, make-up, clothing, household furnishings, it just trickled down and around absolute everything.

Next came the other matt colours and textural finishes plus their juxtaposition: gloss shine.

‘Pink’ Is The New Matt Black

Hence, it is not surprising that everybody would like to now what the next colour trend is. What is the new matt black? In our assessment, it seems to be pink (but not necessarily in matt).

It may not be scientific, but looking through a multitude of glossy magazines which are out at the moment, we found that approx 10 -20 % of the pages had pink themes.

Just look around and you will be surprised how ‘pink’ pops up everywhere.

Pink in every shade is the trend for the coming season and all perfume, room fragrance, skin care and cosmetic suppliers are getting onboard.

‘Think in Pink’ is not only the slogan in colour cosmetics, but also in packaging themes and formulation colours.

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Think Pink In Perfume / Room Fragrance / Skin Care

Here at PAIRFUM we tend to be at the forefront of every trends and it will come as not surprise that we have a couture perfume room fragrance ready for this trend: Pink Powder & Violet

This is what is smells like:

a sophisticated and sensual fusion of pink rose petals and violet leaf, that is soft and yet fresh! It opens with mandarin and pink peppercorn, followed by a full and elegant floral heart (rose, violet, iris, jasmine, heliotrope, orris) that leads into a sumptuously powdery base of smooth patchouli, musks and soft vanilla.

You can enjoy this trendy ‘pink’ perfume in your home in any one of our luxury scented candles or natural reed diffusers:

  • Reed Diffusers (large, classic, petite) in decanters with different shapes: bell, cube or tower
  • Reed Diffuser refill oil
  • Snow Crystal Candles (classic, large and cool tin)
  • Flower Wax Candle
  • Message Candle

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