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Wax Candle Sculpture by Urs Fischer

Candle Sclpture Urs Fischer Dasha Zhukova Hair

The artist Urs Fischer has created a real wax candle sculpture of Dasha Zhukova and burns the candle down to the ground.

Dash Zhukova is a russian art collector and the founder of the garage museum of contemporary art in moscow.

A wick is strategically placed on top of her head and when lit, it will slowly burn down the candle. Addititional wicks have been placed all over her body to ensure a complete burn down of the sculpture (just like Pairfum’s Fragranced Candles) and to reduce it to a pile of wax drippings, over the course of almost two months.

The candle sclupture is a contemporary memento mori, to remind us all of the impermanence in life, beauty and art.

The giant candle is exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery in Davies Street in London.

If you are looking for something more practial, which will probably burn much cleaner and fragrance your room, then look no further than Pairfum’s Perfumed Candles.

Candle Sclpture Urs Fischer Dasha Zhukova London Gallery

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