Sleep and Insomnia – How to Fall Asleep with Fragrance

Our reason for writing an article on Sleep and Insomnia – How to Fall Asleep with Fragrance, came about when we were contacted recently by a number of customers and specialist groups regarding sleep deprivation, and it’s effect on our general well-being and mental health.

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If you were asked to suggest a product to include in a list of the ‘Best or Most Life Changing products’, that has to suit all budgets… Would one of the first things that spring to mind be, something that helps you get a ‘Good Nights Sleep’?

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One of the most important things we need to do after ‘Breathing’, ‘Hydrating’ and ‘Eating’ is ‘SLEEPING’…
Sleeping is not just some down time from our busy routine, the body and mind needs sleep to repair and heal.

So as odd as it may seem, one of the best or one of the most life changing things / gifts you could give to someone is a good night’s sleep – just ask any new parent if they agree?

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Lack of sleep can make us feel physically unwell, impair concentration, and leave us feeling stressed, anxious and irritable.
Findings of recent studies also point to the fact that sleep deprivation can also contribute to heart disease, premature ageing, and is a known factor in road accidents

With our increasingly busy lives it’s estimated that we now sleep around 90 minutes less each night than we did in the 1920s.
When we see it written like this it may not seem so bad, but if we were all asked to get up an hour and a half earlier than normal every day, but still go to bed at the same time each night .. really how would we feel?

Sleep and Insomnia – How to Fall Asleep with Fragrance

Now if you add to this the large number of people who already suffer with problems sleeping, it’s obvious that many people are now functioning in a permanently sleep-deprived state.
Some people suffer from serious sleep problems, ranging from the inability to get to sleep (insomnia) to the inability to stay awake (narcolepsy).

However thankfully many sleep problems are temporary, and there are some very basic self-help measures which will help get you back to a more normal sleeping pattern.

One of the ‘Top Tips’ that every sleep expert gives is – prepare and unwind before going to bed, we have all read that switching off all our electronic devices, is very important, but why?

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Electronics such as tablets, laptops and smart phones emit artificial light that can deter and disrupt sleep. Insure that you sleep in a darkened, well ventilated and quite room, and avoid stimulating activities, such as using electronics and exercise just prior to sleep. The advise on stimulating activities just before sleep, did raise a number of eyebrows… but we are sure that we can leave that up to you to judge.

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Adopting a bedtime routine can promote consistent and restful sleep.

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Here at PAIRFUM London the product that we have designed/created to help people sleep is our ‘Pillow Spray’ – For A Deep Night’s Sleep ( well we didn’t create it to help them sleep at work – but if the product works that well – what more need we say).


However, when our customers come back and say – “Thank You, for the first time in months I have slept until my alarm went off”…. We love it.Pairfum Flacon Perfume Linen Fabric Signature Linen Lavender

So if you do have a problem nodding off to sleep at night, and would like to learn more about the PAIRFUM Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Then why not pop over to the PAIRFUM London website to find out more… Until then Sweet Dreams x


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