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What Do Mums Really Want ?

For mother’s Day we decided to try and find out what do Mums really want and how we should treat our Mothers on this special day.

So, we posed the question internally at PAIRFUM and the answers, we realised, depended on the age range of the children:

  • Mothers of young children would dearly love ‘Time for Themselves’,
  • Mothers of teenagers would like a little more help at home in combination with the phrase “whatever” to have a new meaning in the Cambridge Dictionary.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘Whatever’ is a pronoun, a determiner meaning ANYTHING or EVERYTHING.

Here are two examples of its meaning that would be very popular on Mothers Day:

  • “ANYTHING I can do to help you Mum”, or
  • “I really appreciate EVERYTHING you do for me Mum”.

Another recurring wish was for a long & lazy ‘Morning in Bed’, a lie-in followed by a long luxurious soak in the bath and the pleasure to take as much time as you like to choose what to wear and to do your make-up, or not, as the case may be.

One answer that was very clear was, that Mums want time for themselves: #Mumstime.

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