Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Send Love, Hugs and Kisses.

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“Céad Míle Hugs”

AnPost, the Irish Postal Service, is running a campaign under the slogan “Céad Míle Hugs” to send 100,000 Hugs via a postcard.

The campaign is based on the famous Gaelic saying, ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’, which translates to ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’. ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’ is the Ireland’s global greeting reflecting the counrtry’s global reputation to extend a warm welcome to all visitors.

AnPost created the ‘Céad Míle Hugs’ campaign to raise funds for the Children’s Health Foundation and Cork University Hospital Charity, both in Ireland.

We believe this is a wonderful project and would like to invite all of us to send “Love, Hugs and Kisses” to those that need it.

This could be family, friends, colleagues or anybody that we feel needs to know how much we think of or feel for them.

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What do you need to send love, hugs, and kisses?

Who would like to send love, hugs and kisses to? The minute you start thinking about this question, there will many relations, friends and acquaintance that you lost touch with during the Pandemic.

St. Patrick’s Days is a wonderful occasion to pick up the thread and revive the connection.

Nowadays, if you want to send love, hugs, and kisses to someone who is far away, then all you need is an email address. The internet has made it easier for all of us to stay in touch with those that live far away from us, especially when we don’t have the time to travel.

Don’t wait or put it off, send some love, hugs and kisses today.

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Send a Personalized Video or Greetings Card

Video messages are ideal to send a personalized and different kind of Greetings Card.

You can record a video with your own voice and send it to someone as a gift or just for fun.

There are many different websites that offer this service but you can also just pick up your mobile and use Whatsapp to send a recorded voice message.

A quick search on the internet will also offer many options to send a personalised Greetings Card through the post, the traditional way. We all love to receive a wonderful, thoughtful greetings card in the post. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards today and send Love, Hugs and Kisses.

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St Patricks Day – An Irish Celebration

There is no better time than St. Patrick’s Day to be Irish and to be in Ireland!

It is one of the most popular and well-known Irish celebrations. It is a day to celebrate Irish heritage and culture, as well as the arrival of spring.

Here are some places you can go to enjoy the festivities, should you be visiting Ireland on this day:

-The Dubliner: This pub has been around for over 25 years and has become a popular destination for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It offers live music, drink specials, and an authentic Irish atmosphere.

-The Dublin Bay Pub: This is an authentic Irish pub that provides live music every day of the week in addition to a full menu of food items like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash etc., in addition to traditional Irish fare like corned beef or soda bread with butter.

-The Brazen Head: This pub is situated in Dublin’s Temple Bar, and offers live music, drink specials, and has an Irish atmosphere.

-The Liffey Side Pub: This traditional Irish pub features live music, drink specials, and offers a full menu of food items like shepherd’s pie or fish and chips.

-Paddy’s Pub: The Paddy’s Pub is an Irish pub situated in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighbourhood and offers live music, drink specials, and has an Irish atmosphere.

-The O’Reilly’s Pub: This pub is situated in The Liberties area of Dublin, which features live music, drink specials, and has a full menu of food items like Shepard’s Pie or Fish

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What Do People Wear For St. Patrick’s Day?

Wearing a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day is a Must!

After that, people usually wear green clothes, hats, scarves, shoes or colour their hair green. There is literally no limit to your creativity of how you can turn out in green.

If you don’t own anything suitably green for the occasion, there are many ways to dye clothes, hats green. For example, you can use green food colouring, paint the clothes with a green dye, or use a spray-on dye.

As perfumers, we recommend wearing a ‘green’ Eau de Parfum for the day. Our perfumes are natural and the ideal fragrance would be Bergamot, Basil & Patchouli.

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How To Throw A Traditional Irish Celebration At Home

If you are not so lucky to be in Ireland and when there is no St. Patrick’s Day parade nearby, you might want to think about how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home and to invite family & friends around for the occasion.

What food and drinks should serve and how should you decorate your home for the occasion?

Here are few customary, Irish dishes that you need:

  1. Corned Beef & Cabbage: This dish is a staple on Saint Patrick’s Day tables in Ireland. The corned beef and cabbage is served with boiled potatoes and carrots.
  2. Guinness Beef Stew: This stew will warm your heart and fill your stomach with beef, potatoes, carrots, onions and Guinness beer. It is hearty and delicious!
  3. Irish Potato Soup: This hearty soup has a base of potato, onion, carrot, celery, bread crumbs and broth. It will fill you up while tasting like you are going to Ireland.
  4. Whiskey Chowder: If you love seafood chowder then this soup is for you ! It has a whiskey base and shrimp, clams, pot boiling water, bay leaf and salt.
  5. Chicken Pot Pie: This an Americanized Irish dish on the list but it is still worth trying! The pie crust is made with buttermilk dough and filled with chicken dumplings in a rich cream sauce.
  6. Breakfast Irish Style: Who doesn’t love having a little taste of Ireland in their morning meal?
  7. Irish Stew: A traditional Irish stew recipe, this dish is made with lamb, carrots, onions and celery seasoned with salt and pepper.
  8. Irish Soda Bread: Think of a traditional Irish dinner without the beer? Well this is your answer! This is an easy bread recipe that only takes about 10 minutes to make.
  9. Irish Coffee: A traditional Irish coffee recipe that only takes 5 minutes to make and perfect finale to the dinner.
  10. Crock Pot Irish Stew: A classic stew recipe that is made with onion, celery, celery seed, carrots and lamb. This stew is slow cooked for about 6 hours.

Bonus: you should really serve some green food, e.g. a salad with green leaves

In terms of drinks, you have to offer Guiness or a green beer! After that, any and all Green drinks are perfect, regardless of whether they are non-alcoholic. How about a green Smoothie?

What can you decorate your home with?

  • Anything and every green
  • Shamrocks to leprechauns
  • a Celtic Cross.
  • green candles: we have a wonderful choice of natural and eco-friends (‘green’) soy wax candles and the fragrances perfect for St. Patrick’ Day would ‘SPA’ or ‘Pink Powder & Violet’.
  • green plates, napkins, cutlery and green bunting.
  • green flowers
  • green curtains or drapes

In terms of entertainment, there has to be some Irish music. People like to dance on St. Patrick’s Day!

Perhaps an Irish movie?

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The Origins of St. Patrick’s Day

A post about St. Patrick’s Day is not complete without its history.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrated on March 17th, and is a day for remembering Saint Patrick and his contribution to Ireland.

The origins of St. Patrick’s Day can be traced back to the fifth century when Saint Patrick was sent by Pope Celestine I to convert Ireland to Christianity.

Saint Patrick lived in Ireland for most of the remainder of his life, during which time he established churches and ordained priests, converted wealthy landowners, distributed food, taught people how to read and write, and did many other things that helped the Irish people become Christians.

With this in mind, the Irish donate to Charity on St. Patrick’s Day, as a way of saying ‘thank you’.

What about the Shamrock?

A shamrock with four leaves is traditionally used to represent the Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity because it looks like three leaves and one stem.

In addition, the three leaves and one stem look like a person’s hand, which is an ancient symbol of prayer because it represents the hand of God blessing people.

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A Traditional Irish Blessing

We would like to close this post with a most traditional Irish blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

The rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

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