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Home Fragrance: PAIRFUM Website Refreshed

We are delighted to announce that new website for PAIRFUM is now live.

Unfortunately, we could not post during the building of the new site on our News Blog about Home Fragrance but hope everybody enjoys the new layout.

Now that the News Blog is back, you can again look forward to our articles about the following subjects:

  • news about couture perfume, home fragrance and scented skin & body care
  • ingredients from nature: natural / organic / essential oils, flowers and perfume ingredients, beeswax & bees, natural candle waxes, …
  • home fragrance products: reed diffusers and refill oils, luxury scented candles, perfume room sprays, wardrobe sachets, fragrant botanicals, …
  • perfumes in all their forms: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, …
  • skin & body care: hand & body lotions, hand creams, hand & body washes, foam bath, hand soap, ..
    homes & house, interior design & decor, …
  • articles about Britain, London, the Queen and Royal Family, …

Don’t hesitate to let us know, if you would like to see us write about a particular subject (couture perfume, home fragrance or skin & body care) that you have a strong interest in.

Our writing always endeavors to be entertaining, surprising, elegant, a personal story or scientific in nature. If you are interested in writing about perfumery / home fragrance / skin care and seeing your work published here on pairfum.com, then do let us know. Here is a link to find our about how you can become one of our authors:

write for PAIRFUM

From all of us here at PAIRFUM, thank you for your patience during the website refresh and we look forward to seeing you again at the home of PAIRFUM.

Home Fragrance: PAIRFUM lifestyle kitchen reed diffuser tower large
Home Fragrance: PAIRFUM lifestyle kitchen reed diffuser tower large
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