“Love” is the Meaning of the 2nd of Advent

Perfume Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle

Last Sunday was the 2nd of Advent 2019!

The Advent calendar are 4 candles on an evergreen wreath in a circle, symbolising God’s eternity.

The custom of the Advent calendear as a wreath began around the time of the Martin Luther, the protestant reformer.

Each Sunday during the Advent highlights one of the 4 virtuse of Jesus Christ:

Hope – 1st of Advent

Love – 2nd of Advent

Joy – 3rd of Advent

Peace – Christmas Eve/Day

The exact order and wording varies among the Christian Churches but the lighting of an additional candle each week symbolises the coming of Christ.

Here at Pairfum, we have the perfect candle for the 2nd of Advent:

The Message Candle

It is the perfect candle, if you would like to convey “Love” or say “Thank You” during the pre-Christmas season.

Which of your friends, family or colleagues would you like to send a Personalised Message?

Use the included piece of chalk to write on the side of the candle.

Make it your very own 2nd of Advent candle.

Message Candle Black Orchid

Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle Fragrance

Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle Perfume

Christmas 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle Scented

Christmas Scented 2nd of Advent Calendar Candle

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