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Meditation – Top 5 Ways To De-Stress

We have all been aware for some time that meditation has proven benefits for dealing with stress management, and improvement in overall health.

There are many different types of meditation that are practised worldwide, and each discipline brings with it something unique.

It would appear that everybody is doing it, and as with most things in life some forms of meditations may feel more comfortable for you than others.

Meditation 1

However when we see how many different ways of doing meditation there are, dozens of meditation techniques, including some conflicting information.

It begs the question, is it something for you, and if so which one is best suited for you?

When deciding which form of meditation to use, the first question you should ask yourself is


Why am I doing it, and what do I want to get out of it…

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If like most people, it is to find a way to de-stress, then perhaps one of the five meditations we mention below, may be for you. Perhaps it is simply taking or using some, or a combination of the techniques discussed.

Meditation 3

1 – Mindfulness Meditation

Somewhere in our recent past (very recent past) the word ‘Mindfulness’ suddenly appeared in our everyday vernacular, but what does it really mean? Fundamentally, it is a translation of the word ‘Sati’, a word in the Pali language of ancient India in which many original Buddhist texts were written – roughly translated as ‘awareness. It is used to describe the sense of ‘Living in the Moment of Now’, or having present moment awareness. It’s practitioners claim that with practice, it can be used in any situation, and can bring lasting stress relief  and health benefits.

2 – Mantra meditation

A mantra is one of the most common forms used for meditation – and believed by people who use it to be one of the most powerful ones. The practice of mantra meditation is found in many of the world’s reflective traditions, and also in the practice of meditation in a secular context. It has been proven effective as a stress relief technique. Some people may feel odd at first repeating a word aloud, or even under their breath, but for those who enjoy having a focus during practice, mantra meditation can be a perfect way to do this. It also allows you to focus on a word whose meaning resonates strongly with you, like, “Hope”, “Love”, “Peace”, “Let Go” …. it does not really matter just as long as it works for you.

3 – Metta Meditation

Knows as the ‘Loving Kindness Meditation’ – Metta is another word that comes from Pali, which means kindness, benevolence, and good will. This form of compassion meditation has been tested scientifically to demonstrate the efficacy of metta and related meditative practices. People who use this form of meditation say it’s benefits include the following – boosting one’s ability to empathise with others, it helps to develop positive emotions through compassion, which includes a more loving attitude towards oneself. Increased self-acceptance, a greater feeling of contentment about one’s life, and an increased feeling of a purpose in life

4 – Taoist Meditations

The Chinese philosophy of Daoism (which is also practised as a religion) and dates back to Lao Tzu, is the practise of living in harmony with Nature. The purpose is to quieten the mind and body, to unify the body and spirit and find inner peace. Some styles of Taoist Meditation are specifically focused on improving health and increasing longevity.

5 – The 5-Minute Meditation

Now whether you choose to try a particular form of meditation or not, in your quest to relax and de-stress. Anything that is called the ‘5 Minutes Meditation’ is worth a try … there are two main benefits to five-minute meditations – firstly, they can be effective for relieving stress quickly when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Secondly, well do you really need a ‘secondly’ when it takes just 5 minutes, to calm down, lower your blood pressure and think more clearly. What is the ‘5 minuet meditation’? well basically – you get yourself into a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths from your diaphragm, become aware of the tension in your body, and then slowly and gently release it. Try to visualise the tension leaving your body from your head to your toes, leaving in it’s place a feeling of warm, peaceful relaxation.

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Don’t worry about whether you are doing it correctly or not, meditation is something we know how to do naturally, we just do not take the time to do it…

So from everyone here at PAIRFUM LONDON, we say relax ” Take time to smell the Roses” – you deserve it….

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