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Perfume Bottles in Art?

Today we came across a Fragrance Flacon in the painting “Seated Man” (by Roger De La Fresnaye, 1914) and it started us wondering about ‘perfume bottles in art’.

For such a query, the internet offers a beautifully rich source of inspiration.

We encourage everybody to run this type of search and become inspired by the art you see.

Here are are a few websites that offer a good starting point:



Below we show a few of the paintings we found and liked that clearly show perfume bottles in art.

We have mixed it up with our own creations about perfume bottles.

We believe perfumery is an art in its own right and this page also includes links to Museums about Perfume.

Pairfum London Henri Matisse Woman Reading At A Dressing Table 1919 Perfume Bottles in Art

Pairfum London Perfume Candles In Art Boudoire

Pairfum London Pierre Bonnard Dressing Table 1908 Perfume Bottles in Art

Pairfum London Perfume Bottles In Art

Pairfum London The Toilet Of The Roman Ladies Juan Jimenez Perfume Bottles in Art

Pairfum London Perfume Bottles In Art Bathroom

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