Constructing Your Beauty Fridge: 5 Products That Should Be Refrigerated

Should you invest in a beauty fridge

Throughout 2022 and into 2023, beauty fridges have taken the world by storm. Many beauty influencers and gurus have shown support for the idea of storing beauty products in a fridge.

While it may sound odd, refrigerating your beauty products has multiple advantages. This is especially true for the hotter months, when your beauty, cosmetic and perfumery products are more likely to deteriorate in terms of quality and shelf life.

Advantages of a Beauty Fridge

Ideally, the average fridge temperature is said to range from around 3 – 5°C. When it comes to beauty products, they each have their own directions for storage. However, it is generally advised that you keep them away from extremely hot temperatures or direct sunlight.

A cosmetic fridge will help provide a cool temperature for your products year round, which will save them from degradation and keep their textures and formulas intact. Moreover, you will find that your products feel more refreshing and have an extended shelf life. 

That said, some skincare products should be exclusively stored in a mini skin care fridge. 

Now that you understand the benefits of refrigeration, you might wonder what you can put in your beauty fridge. Let’s explore some beauty products that do well when refrigerated.

5 Products That Belong in Your Beauty Fridge

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1. Probiotic and Prebiotic Skincare

Prebiotic and probiotic skincare work as efficiently as they do due to one key ingredient: bacteria. These skincare products are specifically made to target specific skin issues and goals. They can significantly improve your skin’s surface protection by ensuring that your skin’s barrier is intact and healthy. 

The microbes in these products can also deal with skin issues like acne and psoriasis. Besides that, these products also help you balance your skin’s microbiome. However, due to the presence of bacteria, these products need to be stored in a beauty fridge to retain their effectiveness. 

To prevent bacteria and fungi from growing in your preservative-free skincare, it is also advisable to keep it as cool as possible.

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2. Perfumes and Fragrances

While this may sound unusual, another product that you can store in your beauty fridge is perfume.

Many consumers are adopting the trend of storing perfume in a refrigerator. There is a reason for this: refrigerating your perfumes can considerably increase their shelf life. 

Perfumes need to be stored in an ideal environment where it is cool, dark and dry. A beauty fridge provides this exact environment to keep your perfumes safe from degradation by keeping their ingredients fresh and the note as close as possible to the original profile when you bought it.

Moreover, it’s always more refreshing to apply some cool perfume on your skin, particularly on a hot day. 

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3. Facial Skincare Tools

There are plenty of skincare tools that complement different types of skincare routines. From a gua sha to a facial roller, every single skincare tool has its own benefits for the health of your skin. However, storing them in ideal conditions is crucial to avoid any deterioration in their quality.

Facial skincare tools are specifically designed to improve blood circulation, drain unwanted toxins and enhance the absorption of serums, moisturisers and face oils. They can also be used to depuff and cool the skin. If stored in a beauty fridge, these products remain cool and will help soothe your skin. 

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4. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a core product in the skincare industry as they are the “quick fix” for multiple skincare problems. Whether you want to treat acne, control oil and blackheads or simply revitalise your skin, there’s a sheet mask for everything. Sheet masks are predominantly made up of materials like cotton, cotton wool, bamboo pulp or coconut pulp.

In addition to that, they contain special serums, fruit secretions and other important nutrients that help your skin strengthen its barrier. Due to this, it is important to store sheet masks in a cool environment where these ingredients can remain potent. Refrigerating your sheet masks will give you a refreshing skin care experience, as well as increase the shelf life of your masks.

5. Eyeliners, Mascara, Serum, Oils & Make-up

Besides skincare products, your beauty fridge can also be a wonderful place to store your makeup products, serums & natural oils. This is especially true for products like eyeliners and mascara, which have thick consistencies and can be easily ruined if they are stored in a humid, hot area.

With ingredients like lanolin, castor oil and a variety of waxes and colours, these products need refrigeration to ensure that the chemicals in the formula don’t have a negative reaction over time. Cooling these products also helps you keep them fresh and intact so that your makeup look appears more defined.

For the exact same reasons, you should also keep your skin care serums, natural oils and make-up in a mini skin care fridge, as it prevents their exposure to heat, light and humidity.

Choose Pairfum for Exquisite Perfumes and Skincare Products

Now that you know what you should store inside your perfume, cosmetics & beauty fridge, it is time to shop and stock yours!

When it comes to perfumes, Pairfum is a perfect choice. With our experience and expertise in crafting the most unique, niche fragrances for men and women, you are sure to find the perfume that truly defines you.

We also offer a range of the most amazing home fragrances to instantly uplift your home ambience and soothe you. With products like perfume candles, soy candles, reed diffusers and more, you will not want to leave the house. 

Moreover, we also offer a range of skincare products that are carefully made to enhance and boost your skin. From prebiotic lotions to shower oils, you will find everything you need right here. Shop now to stock your beauty fridge today!

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