Top 10 World’s Worst Smells

Top 10 World’s Worst Smells Corpse Flower Inside

Which of these have you tried ?

Here at PAIRFUM we always look to create to the most beautifully perfumery products.

However, it is one of the paradoxes of a beautiful fragrance that it may need to contain some ingredients which by themselves are unpleasant but when added to the creation lend it a depth or warmth that is quite surprising.

Hence, as perfumers we are literally experience daily Aristotle’s famous quote:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

This led us to the question:

What are the Top 10 world’s worst smells ?

Here is an article which a few suggestions.

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The 3 x images you see in this post are of the ‘corpse flower’, probably the world’s worst smelling flower.

Top 10 World’s Worst Smells Corpse Flower Cells

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