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25+ Interesting Ways To Use Perfume Samples UK

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The Importance of Perfume Samples UK Guide

We start this perfume samples UK guide with a brief commentary on pandemic trends.

Throughout lockdown, testing beauty products such as perfume samples in shops were rendered impossible and as more and more publications become online, the regular perfume samples UK magazines would normally include are ever more elusive. Although, this may have been a blessing in disguise. While department stores were closed, you weren’t forced to decipher the different tester perfumes in the air of the shop as customer after customer samples perfume after perfume.

Nevertheless, testing perfume in the real world and taking the time to analyse how it reacts to your skin is as important as ever. Fortunately, perfume samples exist to fulfil this need.

Rather than having a small sachet or a quick spray, a small bottle of the actual perfume will contain all of the fragrance notes. This empowers an individual to truly decide if the ingredients react with your skin, but if that particular fragrance is the right one for you.

Perfume Samples UK

Personal Applications of Fragrance Samples

Simply Wear it

Of course, this is most likely why someone would have a perfume sample in the first place. We recommend having a collection of perfume samples and then test the different fragrances over a period of time.

DIY Scented Body Lotion

This suggestion is perfect if you have a date that evening. Simply add a few drops or spritzes to an unscented body lotion. The degree of concentration or strength of the fragrance is up to you.

DIY Dry Shampoo

You will need a couple of ingredients but it is certainly worth the effort. Apply some baby powder or corn starch mixed with your perfume sample to your scalp to absorb any oil. A perfect dry shampoo solution if you find yourself short on time.

Add Some Variety To Bath Time

Bath bombs can sometimes be overbearing and a tester perfume sample could be a subtle and magical alternative. Adding a sample perfume vial to your bath water should do the trick.

Upgrading Your Wardrobe With Perfume Samples

Freshen Up Your Clothes

Upgrade Your Underwear

If you have a perfume sachet, then we recommend tucking them into your underwear drawers. Otherwise, apply a quick spray of your perfume samples to a drawer liner.

If you are interested in creating your own perfumed drawer liners, we have written a guide which you can find here

Spruce Up Your Suitcase

Once again, a sachet perhaps may be more appropriate for this suggestion. But we recommend putting your perfume samples to the test by throwing an unopened sample into your suitcase before you leave for the airport. Depending on how long you are gone, the fragrance can last the entirety of the trip.

Store Perfume Samples In Your Shoes

Storing a sachet or giving a quick spray to your shoes will ensure you have the best-smelling feet and shoe rack around.

Tackle Musty Coat Pockets

As we approach the summer months, weather permitting, it is likely your coats will be living in a cupboard. Perfuming the pockets with a sample fragrance will keep the musty aroma at bay.

If you do find yourself in a coat during the summer, at least you will smell good doing it.

Perfume Samples Used In The Home

Spread The Fragrance Around The House

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

Adding perfume samples to your wardrobe can ensure that your clothes remain fragrant all year round.

Scent Your Décor

Pillows, curtains, even stuffed animal, the opportunities are endless when testing your perfume samples

Spray Your Linen

If an individual tends to be an undecided perfume sample tester, we recommend they should sleep on it – literally. If you enjoy your sample at night as much as you do first thing in the morning, then it is definitely a keeper. (Of course, the opposite is also true.)

Freshen Up Your Mattress

With your linen above and your mattress below, you will struggle to find anything more enjoyable than fragrant surroundings.

DIY Carpet Refreshers

Simply add your tester perfume to some baking soda and sprinkle the mixture across the entirety of your carpet. Once you have waited for 10 minutes and completed and vacuumed the residue, the results will speak for themselves.

Convert Foul Aromas From Household Waste Into A Pleasant Fragrance

The unpleasant contents of your rubbish are often presented by the aroma that leaks out of your bins. Dip some tissue paper or cotton balls into your perfume samples and the placing them at the bottom of your bin before adding the bag.

Build A Light Bulb Diffuser

Add a few drops or a quick spray of your sample fragrance onto a cold lightbulb. Then when you turn it on, you have effectively made a DIY diffuser that will spread your fragrance across the room.

Design Your Own Air Freshener

There are actually a number of ways in which you can use perfume samples as an air freshener. You may want to spray some fake plants, perhaps simply apply your sample as a room spray. There some cases of people even using their fragrance samples in Himalayan salt diffusers.

A Pet Deodorizer

We are no advocating spraying your perfume on your pets directly, that can be very dangerous. On the other hand, mixed with some baking soda, light sprays in a litter box or couch cushions can eliminate those enduring odours.

Woman Wearing Perfume Sample On The Go

‘On The Move’ Applications For Perfume Samples

Improve the smell of inside purse

The typical purse is full of all sorts of bits and pieces and with that comes all sorts of smells. Fortunately, it isn’t something that a quick perfume sample can’t fix.

Car Seat Air Fresheners

Your typical car air freshener is dull and sometimes a bit stale. We think you would find placing a fragrance sample under your car seat to be an appealing alternative.

The Perfect ‘On The Go’ Solution

On those days where you are low on drive and energy, you will find having a handy fragrance that can give you a spring in your step rather useful.

Emergency Ampit Refreshment

While a spray would work, in this case, a paper perfume sample would work best as the paper absorbs the sweat while the perfume will add a refreshing scent.

Although this is only in emergencies – you should avoid using perfume as a replacement for deodorant.

Scented Hair Accessories

People often use body sprays and fragrance mists to help scent their hair but due to the alcohol in perfume, their hair ends up dry. This side-effect can be avoided if you spray your hair accessories instead. A spritz on a scrunchie should be plenty.

Upcycled Fragrance Samples

How To Upcycle Your Perfume Samples UK Guide

Give Them Away

Of course, the most straightforward course of action if you don’t want a perfume sample is to give it to a colleague, friend or family member. Although due to their flammable nature, you may want to give it to them in person rather than risking an accident or confiscation by a courier.

Create scented cards

If you spray your cards directly, they will probably stain. But if you test a perfume sample on a cotton ball and drop it in a plastic bag containing your cards, after a few hours your cards will be pristine and the fragrance will last much longer.

Glass Sachet

Using an almost empty sample of perfume as a glass sachet can add a pleasant fragrance to your clothes if placed at the back of your wardrobe.

Upcycle the bottle

When a perfume bottle has been emptied, it is by no means useless. DIY toiletry holders, crafts, decorative displays – the possibilities are endless.

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NEXT STEPS – Perfume Samples UK Guide

Now, gather all of your samples and try out some of your favourite suggestions below.

If you are looking for a new fragrance to find your signature scent and you are not sure where to start, we recommend our Perfume Experience Box

It contains 12 distinct fragrances and when you find one you like, we will subtract the cost of the experience box from the full-size bottle if you decide to make a purchase.

If you wish to learn how to correctly test and evaluate perfume, you can read more here.

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