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Natural Sandalwood Candle

When deciding which fragrance to choose that will help you unwind and relax, a Natural Sandalwood Candle is a perfect choice.

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Sandalwood is one of those easily recognisable fragrances, like cinnamon, lavender or Vanilla, that can stir up the senses and release the stresses and strains of a busy day.

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The usage of sandalwood has been documented in art, literature and medical journals, dating back 4000 years, it has had numerous uses in the treatment of colds, infections and many other health conditions. In many ancient cultures from Egypt to India sandalwood has been used in or for religious ceremonies, from embalming in Egypt to the building of various religious temples in Asia. In today’s world sandalwood is primarily used in the cosmetic industry and is a favourite note in perfumery, with its rich fragrance and warm exotic notes it is typically being used as a base note.

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This beautiful essential oil is harvested from this aromatic tree and is extracted by steam distillation. Sandalwood is used in a variety of applications in the cosmetic industry, candles, aromatherapy, soaps and beauty procedures are only some of the magical applications of this wonderful tree.

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Choosing the Perfect Sandalwood Candle:

Perfumed Candles have become an inseparable part of people’s interior design, with the wish to create a warm welcoming and cosy home. The Sandalwood candle with it’s warm slightly powdery and sometimes creamy wood aroma creates the perfect ambience for a romantic night in, to a lazy Sun-kissed afternoon with Friends and Family. The warm aroma of a PAIRFUM Sandalwood candle can help to relieve stress and help you unwind after a busy working day. They are the perfect addition to any home. From the deep thinkers to the social divas among us, a PAIRFUM Sandalwood candle is the perfect ‘Wind-Me-Down’.

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This wonderful Perfume note that has stood the test of time, is brought to life perfectly by a PAIRFUM Candle.

Read the full article on Sandlewood Candles here.

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