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Love Messages In The Sunset

The Top 70 x ‘Love Messages’ For Your Partner, Wife or Husband

Love Messages Created With Fruit

Love Conquers All

Why fall in love with your partner, wife or husband once when you can fall in love with them over and over again by simply sending love messages to show everyday what they mean to you.

This could be anything from leaving a written love message on the pillow, in the car, the briefcase or even the purse. You might even surprise with a new sweet message by text when they are at work.

On that special day (perhaps many years ago), the magic words of “I love you” and “I do” cemented a bond between the two of you to form a very sacred relationship.

It was a message of love when two of you vowed to show complete devotion to each other for the rest of your lives.

Love is the most important element in your life, it gives meaning to everything you do and puts everything else into perspective.

Love Messages With Flowers

Surprise Your Partner

While the Bond remains true, its expression and manifestations can change over time.

The once powerful “I Love You” might have now become a routine remark, when in reality your feelings towards your partner have grown much deeper over time.

In fact, often our feeling of love is impossible to express with mere words, as our emotions as complex, faceted and continuously evolving and deepening.

Whatever we say, it always seems that we fall short of what we actually feel and would love to express.

Magical Love Messages

Not Just At Christmas

Why wait for a specific occasion to share some love messages to demonstrate to your partner how much their love means to you?

Expressing your love and buying beautiful gifts for each other on days such as Valentine’s Day, your Anniversary, Birthdays and Christmas, are the most common situations.

All relationships require continuous effort and there is nothing easier than sending a short message of love for no other reason than because you love your partner but what do you write?

There is no doubt that 21st century life is busy and hectic which makes it difficult to carve out the time and patience for the muse in your heart to find the right words to express your feelings.

What do you do?

Passionate Love Messages

The Right Words

If you are struggling to find the words that are just right and still poetic, then let Pairfum London lend a hand.

We have put together a list of beautiful and romantic love messages that will allow you to bring out what your heart knows to be true. Discover new ways to say “I love you” that your partner will never forget.

Sincere and personal expressions of ‘True Love’ will always trump expensive clothes, flowers, holidays or jewellery.

Be creative and varied when sharing your feelings of love in many different ways and gestures.

 Sitting On A Bench

Online Gifts

Visit our online boutique for inspirational gifts to go along with your message of love.

A unique niche perfume, fragranced candle or reed diffuser will express your love not just on the day you present your gift but they will able to ‘scents’ it over and over.

For your convenience, you can combine these with beautifully rich and crisp tissue paper and a luxurious gift bag.

On the other hand, our Large Luxury Gift Set is a gift that is convenient to buy when you are looking for ready made gift that can’t disappoint when you present it.

 Pink Background White Flower

Our 70 x Favourite Love Messages

Read through our love message, pick out your favourite and then don’t delay but seize the moment.

Use your phone, write a card or send your love message in a way that is personal to you.

Here is a most unusual way of writing your love message:

Get one of our Perfume Experience Boxes, pick up a little piece of white chalk and write your thoughts on the inside of the lid. The rich black paper is uncoated and your message in chalk will look classy. It will be a wonderful surprise to read when your partner opens the box.

Now, … don’t let us delay you any longer and instead choose your favourite Love Message that feels right for this moment.

Love messages flowers Form Heart

I shall only confess to you my wife, you are the secret to my happiness and success.

You have given meaning to my life, the woman of my dreams that turned our beautiful family into reality.

With the bright colours of your love I can paint the sky and make the clouds disappear.

I love you my beautiful wife, since our wedding day I see you are my life’s true meaning.

Wife Romantic Love Messages

You are the angel from the heavens that turned our house into a beautiful family and home.

When I first saw you, a feeling of happiness and peace filled my life and since then it has only grown stronger.

Looking in your eyes, I feelings of impatience but yet admiration are overwhelming.

You are reason for everything good in my life and the fuel to push me through anything bad, you are the most precious gift I have ever received.

Wife Romantic Love Messages Sunset

My gratitude for what you have done for our family and my love for your soul will last for eternity.

Through these many years of marriage, my desire to grow old together has only grown stronger and not even death will keep us apart.

My dear wife, the many reasons for being still crazy I life with you is the reason for the smile on my face.

As the years go by, may we spend ever more at each others side and our marriage grow stronger through the bad and the good times.

Wife Romance Love Messages Quote

You are the rose that brings beauty to my life and I love you more than anything.

No matter your needs and wants, I will always be there for you and I shall never let you go.

Being your husband is my most honourable and proud achievement of my life.I will never be able to put in to words the feelings I have for you, the woman who will fight to the bitter end to keep our family safe and sound.

In my darkest moment, you are often my sole motivation to keep fighting and never give up. For that I shall be forever grateful.Loving you for these past years has been the air in my lungs and the perfume that keeps my life sweet and pure.

Wife Romantic Love Messages

My wife, my love for you will always shine bright for you are the most beautiful flower on this planet and I the luckiest man.

I find myself praying for you as my greatest fear is losing you and the family that I hold most dear.

One touch, one kiss or even a single thought of you can fix my heart, bring peace to my soul and make me smile.

You, the woman of my life, for whom my love for her runs like a poison through my veins, with no cure for eternal love.

Wife Love Messages Romantic Holding Hands

Before you became the wife and best mother for my children, the idea of being a husband or father was nothing but a dream on the horizon.

You are my motivation to endeavour to seize the day, become a better person and grow in to the husband and the father that you and our family deserves.

Holding you, takes me back to the heartbeats of when we first met which will never fade as our love lasts forever.

It is hard to put my feelings in to words, so I shall say I am extremely proud of you and you are my everything.

Wife Love Quote

Loving you is greatest game I could ever play, keeping you safe and warm while you surprise me is the joy of my life.

Our marriage is a quest of love and trough the highs and lows, the fire still burns bright.

I thank the universe everyday for my wife, for you make the impossible seem simple and the dark become bright

Any dark feelings or moments in my life disappear with just the smallest thought of you and your smile.

Wife Love Message With Pink Flower

I send you all my love for life with you as my wife is like a rollercoaster that I wish would never end.

You are the woman of my life and the princess of my dreams; I will always love you.

Your love leaves me speechless, on my needs with my eternal gratitude.

How you are able to stay by my side through all my decisions, good or bad, is my greatest wonder.

Wife Message With Flowers

Many years ago, I made you, the woman who means everything to my life, my wife.

I feel nothing but happiness and pride when I think of the woman who made all my dreams come true.

When I say “kindness”, “love” or “Happiness”, know that I am referring to best part of my life, which is you, my lovely wife.

I will always the appreciate the great fortune I have been given for you being the mother of my children and the love of my life.

Wife Love text With Book Background

Wife Quote

Sunset quote


Perfume Trends: Perfume’s Return To Power In A Post-Lockdown World


As we remain confined to our homes for weeks on end, we are beginning to yearn for the natural freedom to go outside and to make an appearance in society. On those rare occasions that we do venture outside many of us will have our faces covered. How will this new world affect perfume trends?  How will we use fragrances? How will perfume brands be able to tackle these issues ?

While makeup or even our faces may no longer allow us to express our personality or emotions, perhaps our best alternative comes in the form of perfume. To overcome any garments we may be wearing as a precaution after the lockdown, perfumeries will look to experiment with different perfume strengths and intensities.

In this article we will explore how perfume brands can take advantage of this and provide us with new innovative ways of presenting ourselves to society.


What role will perfume have and how will perfume trends change we move forward post-lockdown?

Once before, perfumes were a trigger to sparking desires and curiosity in others where we could explore ourselves, our overall wellbeing and even ourselves. In a post-lockdown world perfume can return to being a means to enhance our emotions.


How can perfume brands move away from simply offering a “standardisation of fragrances?

Fragrances naturally have their own strengths and virtues that can influence our overall wellbeing and how we feel physically and mentally. If perfumes contain fragrances that have the allow us to express ourselves the way nature intended, the soothing and energizing effects on our mood would be irrefutable.

Memories of reassurance and intimacy can be invoked through particular vibrations that are generated from different aromas. During the development of new perfume, the creative strategy must be focused on the fragrance at its heart.

It is also likely that boutique perfumes or niche perfume will becomes more available to the consumer.


How can a fragrance stand out without having to be bespoke ?

The characteristics that lead to a perfume becoming unique are as distinctive as they are numerous. The best perfumes contain essences with a variety and a range of powers.

They can invoke regressive nostalgia and intimacy or they can portray astonishing radiance.

The problem perfume brands face is proposing signature and ‘true’ perfumes by following their creative intuition rather than solely depending on industry trends.


In the art of perfumery, the trick is to experiment with combinations such as floral bouquets and over-dosing ingredients; all the while, ensuring that beautiful materials are chosen.

When it comes to perfume it is advisable to focus your attention on fragrances that resemble nature while still remaining addictive and reassuring.

Rather than simply using aromas to aid their packaging and branding, the best fragrance houses have their perfumes at the heart of the business model.


How can perfume brands ensure their fragrances stand out while consumer behaviour and perfume trends are changing ?

Since the lockdown, the fact that perfume bouquets reveal emotions and reflect personality has become much more apparent to the consumer.

It is likely that perfume brands will include exclusive and original perfumes within their collections and invite the consumer to experiment with doses to explore the effects that new spices have on themselves and those around them.


It is very possible that many perfumery houses will create hybrids between their existing ranges of perfumes and other aromatic ingredients such a soliflore essence, perhaps even several notes.

The consumer has become much more sensitive to fragrance since they have been confined during the lockdown.

Therefore, there is a need for fragrance houses to rediscover their love and passion for perfuming.


Perfume brands will also need to look at other factors such as our activity, times we are outside and our relationships with others as well as ourselves.

One such example to consider would be that fragrances become much more powerful through movement. How much we move will depend on the potency required from the applied perfume.


The Perfume industry will change forever but what will remain the same for perfume brands ?

One part of the business which perfumery houses may change will be the packaging. They will become much more responsible and document their own unique convictions, generosity and even history on bottles and packaging.

But while many things will change, core principles such as the commitment to sustainability and transparency will continue.

For niche perfume by Pairfum London we invite you to visit our online perfume boutique.

Windsor Park Azalea Intoxicating Perfume under the influence

Walking While Under The Influence Of Azalea And Rhododendron

Windsor Park Intoxicating Perfume Rhododendron under the influence Azalea

Have you ever gone for a walk and come to the realisation that you are walking while under the influence?

That is what we experienced yesterday while walking in Great Windsor Park through the beautiful blooms of Azalea and Rhododendron.

Just before you start tutting or shaking your head in disbelief

I can assure you that everyone who was walking, running, cycling, skating, or being pushed or pulled in some form of a wheeled chariot …. was doing it while under the influence..

It is also not a cause for alarm, nor was it a case of what is described as “Rimé et al” a social sharing of emotions.

Although thinking about it in another sense, it was a sharing of emotions

People had, whether they were aware of it or not while passing through certain sections of the park, become totally intoxicated with the perfumes emanating from the flowering shrub’s, the Azaleas and Rhododendron (the ‘Rose Tree’), the Chestnut trees, Lilac’s, Mock Orange, Honeysuckle, Cut Grass, Forget-me-nots    and the last of the Bluebells…

We were all experiencing a walk through one of ‘Nature’s Natural Perfumeries’.

Windsor Park Intoxicating Fragrance Rhododendron Azalea under the influence

The only sounds that you could pick up wafting on the fragrant air was the sound of birdsong, the buzzing of Bees, lake water lapping or the occasional child’s laugh.

It was one of those magical Spring days, when Life and nature is intoxicating..

PAIRFUM London’s suggestion is that, wherever you live, in a Town, the Country, by the Sea, …

Put on your shoes, go somewhere and walk (or run) while under the Influence …

Windsor Park Azalea Intoxicating Perfume under the influence

If you do stumble across an azalea shrub whilst in spring bloom, you will forever struggle to find anything as beautiful. What makes azalea shrubs so special is that they are like honey as you will always find one that will work for you as there are so many colours to choose from. Furthermore, you can add these colours to your own environment because azaleas can fortunately be easily grown in nearly any garden.

Azalea Intoxicating Perfume Windsor Park under the influence

How to care and grow Azaleas and Rhododendron

However, as simple as it may be, if you do choose to add some azalea shrubs to your landscape, there are some things that need to be taken in to consideration to maximise their flowers and fragrance.

Intoxicating Perfume Azalea Windsor Park under the influence Rhododendron Pruning

Azalea Care

It is crucial that you choose to care for your azaleas professionally and you find a suitable location to plant them to be sure your azaleas keep looking healthy.

If you are fortunate to have a large garden or even a wooded areas then planting lots of azalea shrubs would work well. But in most cases, to show off your azaleas’ true beauty, they are best planted alone.

Azalea shrubs are completely encompassed by flowers, therefore they can look phenomenal against a back drop of pines or other conifers. It will reduce the heavy impact of azaleas while still showing off their vibrant colours.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sunlight azaleas have particular requirements. Too much shade will deprive them of oxygen which will lead to a poor blooming.

Rhododendron Azalea Windsor Park Fragrance Intoxicating Walk Rhododendron Pruning

The perfect soil for azaleas

Azalea plants need an acidic soil that is well-drained as their roots are quite shallow. If your soil isn’t well-drained, we recommend you place your azaleas in raised beds or even containers.

It would also be ideal to amend the soil with compost before planting the azaleas. If you happen to know if your soil has low levels of nitrogen then you may want look at using fertilizer to stop any nutritional deficiency.

To check if azaleas are nutritionally deficient if you be looking for an early leaf drop, and stunted growth of leaves and the azalea shrub.

Rhododendron Azalea Windsor Park Fragrance Intoxicating Walk Rhododendron Trimming

Pruning Azalea & Rhododenron

Whether you want to encourage a bushier growth or you wish to keep your azaleas’ compact appearance, you want to wait until after the blooming season is over before you prune them.

Reinvigorate overgrown plants by cutting back & trimming the branches of the azalea shrubs.

You can be sure to have beautiful blooms in abundance for many springs in the years to come if you keep your azaleas healthy during the growing season.

Bluebell Wood Fragrance Pairfum London UK

The Perfume of the Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood Fragrance Pairfum London UK

We were truly enchanted when visiting a customer on the border of Hampshire and Wiltshire. They showed us their beautiful ‘Bluebell Wood’, just a small part of their magnificent garden.

The Perfume of the Woodland Bluebell filled the air and was only matched in majesty by the Birdsong.

Watch the video at the bottom of this article and listen carefully to the bird song.

The Bluebell Wood at its Best

The bluebells which do flower will produce even more perfume than usual this year. The reason for this is that flowers concentrate more energy on breeding during a dry period rather than on producing succulents. They will produce more nectar and therefore more scent in order to attract pollinating insects.

Bluebell Wood Fragrance Pairfum London UK

Bluebells are sometimes called ‘Common Bluebells’ but they are anything but common. This spectacular plant is only found in northern Europe, with Britain containing more than half of the world’s population.

The bluebells native to Britain are mostly referred to as ‘English bluebells’ but they are also known as Bell Bottle, Wood Hyacinth, Witches’ Thimbles, Lady’s Nightcap and Wood Bell.

They are a protected species in the UK and a woodland carpeted in masses of bluebells is one of the most magical and one of the greatest woodland spectacles you can see.

A bluebell wood in full bloom is a true delight for all your senses.

As you wander through a bluebell wood with dappled sunlight kissing the flowers and their scent wafting through the air, it is nature at its best. This is a quintessential British sight during the spring months. It lets us know that the days are getting longer, warmer and that Summer is on its way.

Bluebell Wood Perfume Pairfum London Home Fragrance

When Bluebells transform our woodland in springtime, the carpet of intense blue under the tree canopy stretching out into the distance is a scene full of delicate fragile flowers. A beautiful sight that once seen will remain with you for ever. It will come as no surprise that the British bluebell is one of the nation’s best-loved flowers.

Bluebells as a Protected Species

We are very fortunate in the UK because bluebells are relatively rare throughout the rest of the world and in fact the UK is home to over half of the bluebell colonies in the world. Therefore, it is very important that bluebells are well looked after.

English bluebells are so precious in fact that footfall damage can be devastating to a bluebell population. If a bluebell’s leaves are damaged or destroyed, they will be unable to photosynthesise which will unfortunately cause them to perish.

Their vulnerability is exacerbated by the fact it can take up to seven years for a colony of bluebells to become established and so any harm inflicted on a bluebell colony will have implications for many years to come.

Bluebell Wood Perfume Pairfum London Flower

We also need to take care in which species of bluebells we plant. It is important that we avoid planting Spanish bluebells, especially next to our much more delicate native English bluebells. This is because Spanish bluebells can be much more vigorous and dominate native English bluebells.

To ensure their survival, the UK government actually passed a law making the deliberate act of either destroying, uprooting, or picking bluebells a criminal offence.

(if you are interested in the differences between native English bluebells and Spanish bluebells, there is a small section at the bottom of this article where the characteristics of them both are discussed as well as their hybrids.)

Bluebell Wood Perfume Pairfum London Dappled Light

Bluebell Photography

Of course, such laws are not put in place to prevent anyone put from appreciating the beautiful woodland bluebell.

The National Trust actually encourages photography of bluebells and we would like to share some top tips when taking photographs of bluebells.

Bluebell Wood Perfume Pairfum London Forest Floor

The first tip would be to try to take your photographs just after midday from mid-April to mid-May. The approaching angle of sunlight at these specific times creates a greater proportion of blue wavelengths which enhances the iconic colour of bluebells. However, in the images throughout this article where the bluebells are against sun-dappled woodland floors the contrast had to be manipulated as the sunlight can create problems with the contrast.

The second tip would be to consider the angle of your images. We would recommend taking some images at the same level of the flower heads closer to the ground. For these types of images, you may want to use a camera, but a phone also works very well.

Bluebell Wood Scent Pairfum London Forest Floor

The third tip is more focused at photography enthusiasts. We recommend that should your camera allow it, always shoot in RAW mode. This is because the human eye absorbs colour differently to a camera lenses and you want to try and reflect being there in-person as much as possible. It is likely that if your camera enables to take RAW images, it will include the required software to post-process your images.

Now that we have discussed how to capture the visual beauty of a bluebell wood, how do we also harness the bluebell’s iconic scent?

Fragrance of Bluebell

How can we describe the fragrance of the Bluebells?

The olfactive profile of the Bluebell is reminiscent of the Hyacinth. It is not a very strong fragrance but it becomes very noticeable when walking through a Bluebell wood.

Bluebell Wood Scent Pairfum London Flower Bloom

We describe it a green-floral, as it is oily-green and quite intoxicating. Bluebells are not part of the ‘white flowers’ category (Jasmin, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Ylang, Gardenia,…), not because of their colour but because they have a richness, headiness and depth that is more reminiscent ‘red flowers’ category (Rose, Violet, Lilac, Sweet Pea,…). Some perfumers believe there should be a ‘green floral’ category for flowers such as Lily of the Valley, Narcissus and Hyacinth. This is where we believe the most natural home for the Bluebell is.

In fragrance accords, Bluebell is not typically a dominant scent profile in a fragrance accord, even though many famous perfumes have been created in honour of this beautiful note:

  • Bluebell by Penhaligon’s
  • English Bluebell by Yardley
  • Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone

For Home Fragrances, we can highly recommend Pairfum London’s White Lavender which contains the beautifully green notes of Bluebell and Hyacinth. It is available in perfumed candles, reed diffusers and perfume room sprays in our online boutique.

Native Bluebell v Spanish Bluebell

How can you tell or spot the difference between a Native Bluebell and a Spanish Bluebell?

One of the ways that you can tell the difference between the Native and Spanish flower, is that in the Native Bluebell the pollen is white, whereas in Spanish Bluebells, the pollen is blue. In the hybrid Bluebell, a variety of characteristics are exhibited which are intermediate in form and a colour between both ‘Native Bluebell’ and ‘Spanish Bluebell’. In other words the hybrid Bluebell exhibits characteristics of both parent plants.

Their wonderful scent is said to have 35 components which attracts pollinating insects deep into the bluebell woods.

Some might say, they also attract passing walkers to sit down, take a welcome rest and enjoy nature in all its beauty …

Bluebells Woodland Sunlight Fragrance Pairfum London 7

Photo Gallery Bluebell Wood

Pairfum London Perfume Flowers Of Easter Lily

What are the Top 5 Flower Fragrances of Easter?

After a cold winter, barren of colour and fragrance, we all embrace the joys of Spring when Easter arrives and brings with it the smells and sights of a new season: the Flower Fragrances of Easter.

It is a time of renewal, a time to refresh and a time to start dreaming of those lazy hazy summer days that uplift our mood.

For many today, Easter is dominated by chocolate eggs and as perfumers our thoughts immediately turn toward fragrances with cocoa. However, Easter is also a time to connect with family, start planning activities and throw off the winter clothes to connect more with the outdoors and nature, which naturally leads into the scents and colours of a new season.

The sights, smells and fragrances of Easter greet us like an old friend.

Pairfum London Fragrance Flowers Of Easter Bluebell Woodland

What are your favourite Flower Fragrances of Easter?

Below we present some of the flower fragrances of Easter that get our senses excited for Spring.  We are also sharing with you the wonderful fragrances we at Pairfum London have created to bring Spring in to your home to help you create the perfect Easter & Spring atmosphere.

We hope that the flower fragrances of Easter inspire you for the season ahead.


Pairfum London Fragrant Flowers Of Easter White Lily

White Lily

Easter Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium Longiflorum, are perhaps the best-known type of lily and one that we would all recognise.

Easter lilies are native to Japan. World War I soldier Louis Houghton brought Easter Lily bulbs home to share with fellow gardeners in 1919 and the popularity of the flower has grown quickly.

Lilies have held a significant place in world history because of their aroma, grace and beauty. From ancient Crete to the flower shop down the street, people always regard the lily as “the pure flower.”

There are few rivals when it comes to the stunningly beautiful fragrance of Lilies.  The exquisite perfume and wonderful flowers certainly lift spirits as we enter Spring.


Pairfum London Flower Fragrances Of Easter Daffodil Narcissus


Daffodils are considered the first heralds of Spring time.  They are also known as Narcissus and Jonquil.  Narcissus being the botanical name for this bulbous plant of the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae!

The stunning daffodil originates from Southern Europe and North Africa, but some varieties can be found in Asia and China.  The flower is linked to the Greek myth of Narcissus who became obsessed with his own reflection, that he knelt to gaze in to a pool of water where he toppled in to the water and drowned.  The narcissus plant sprang up where he died.

The fragrance of the daffodil is light, cool, and spring-like in its notes.  The scent is often sweet, captivating, and unique to only daffodils.  These are fragrances that have been treasured since ancient times and ones that remind us of new life and Spring.


Pairfum London Fragrance Flower Of Easter Crocus


The Crocus name is derived from the Latin crocatus which means saffron yellow.  The flower has three stigmas and parts of it are often dried and used in cooking as a seasons or colour agent.  It is native to Southern Europe and Asia.  There are about 80 species of crocus and was first cultivated in Greece.

Crocuses that bloom early in spring have cheerful heads, reminding us that Spring is around the corner.  With so many varieties to choose from you can have an abundant array of colour and fragrance which is sweet and luminous.


Pairfum London Fragrant Flowers Of Easter Tulip


The Tulip was originally cultivated in Turkey and then imported in to Holland in the sixteenth century.  They became popular in 1592 through a book by Carolus Clusius. Indeed, they became so popular they created an economic bubble known as Tulip Mania!

The scent of Tulips cannot be mistaken.  The fragrance is fresh – fresh like the ozone!  It also has hints of floral with a base of warm honey and musk.  It is almost like nature was making perfume herself within tulips!


Pairfum London Fragrant Flowers Of Easter Bluebell Woodland

Blue Bell

The stunningly beautiful Bluebell is another sign of Spring time with the vast spread of tiny blue flowers dazzling around parks and gardens.  This beautiful flower is a protected species in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Also known as wood bells, fairy flowers and wild hyacinth, they have carpeted our woods, and parks for many years.  In a 2015 Spring poll by botanical charity Plantlife, bluebells were voted the favourite wild flower of England.

Unfortunately, Blue Bell’s cannot be harvested but we can still enjoy the sweet fragrance when we are out walking.  Bluebells are usually at their best during the morning time, making it a fantastic time to visit the woods or parks or when there is some sunshine allowing their scent to waft through the air.

Spring Fragrance by Pairfum London

These are just five of the fragrances of Easter which fill our homes, our gardens, and our parks.

If you would like to fill your home with the stunning fragrance of white lilies and daffodils, we at Pairfum London are delighted that our fragrance Trail of White Petals includes these stunning ingredients and is available in our range of Home Fragrances (candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, fabric sprays,…) and Bath & Body Care products (washes, lotions,…).

Choosing the right perfume for your home to herald the arrival of Spring can be difficult.

Take the guess work out by ordering the luxury fragrance of Trail of White Petals in your favourite product from our online boutique.

Fragrance Description Trail White Petals Jasmine Tuberose Ylang

PAIRFUM Happy Easter Home Fragrance Bedroom Luxury Scented Candle Natural Reed Diffuser

Be Safe Pairfum Coronavirus Safety

Be Safe!

Be Safe Pairfum Coronavirus Health

First, let us say that our hearts go out to all of you, your families and friends who have been affected by virus. To those who are sick, we send our thoughts, prayers and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

In view of the uncertainty and upheaval we are facing due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we wanted to write to you to inform you of the steps we have taken to ensure that PAIRFUM London is as prepared as possible.

No matter what happens, our first priority will always be Your Safety! You are not just our customers and colleagues but also our friends and partners.

We want you to all be safe & stay healthy!

We are determined to ensure that we will continue to help you live healthier, safer and more comfortable lives by creating and producing natural products, such as:

  • our Hand and Body Washes made with natural soap that are naturally anti-bacterial, or,
  • our Linen & Fabric Sprays which are Antiviral and contain over 75% alcohol, that can be used on all your clothing including outdoor garments.

Pairfum London is both a digital and a physical company. In this respect, the decision to let our team work from home wherever possible will have negligible impact on our operational efficiency. None of us can, however, predict the future and we ask for your understanding in this respect.

For your deliveries, you the following options:

  • No Signature: It is possible for us to deliver your goods without requiring a signature. Just let us know, when you place your order that you prefer a ‘no contact’ delivery. The goods will then be left at your property and depending on the order value, you will be informed by phone or email of their arrival.
  • No Change: Deliveries will be made in accordance with government and courier guidelines.

Be Safe Pairfum Coronavirus Need A Hand

You and the health & well-being of your Family will always come first.

We intend to provide you with the best possible support during this unprecedented time and we will show as much understanding and flexibility as possible for your wishes.

Should there be any impact from our supply chain on our customer’s orders, then we will inform you as soon as possible and keep you updated along the way.

Our dedicated and tireless customer care team means that in these uncertain times, you can talk to a person that listens and who is not a chatbot. We mean it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Above all, Be Safe & Compassionate during this time.

Huib & Josephine

Pairfum London

Be Safe Pairfum Coronavirus Thank You

Magnificent Magnolias Fragrance Windsor Park

Magnificent Magnolias Blooming in Windsor Great Park!

Perfumery Magnificent Magnolias Windsor Park

Magnificent Magnolias blooming in Great Windsor Park in Spring offer a spectacular sight.

The Valley Gardens, together with The Savill Garden, provide a home to a National Collection of Magnolia trees. Here are some examples:

  • On leaving the Savill building, visitors are welcomed to a fantastic show by a mature Magnolia loebneri ‘Merrill’, covered in ice-white flowers.
  • In a far corner of the garden, close to the summer house, is a Magnolia sprengeri ‘Eric Savill’, with large, bold pink flowers.
  • The Valley Gardens features a glorious collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and magnolias, best viewed in the spring from the top of the valley, with views down to Virginia Water.

Perfume Magnificent Magnolias Windsor Park

About Magnolia

The magnolia family can count approx 200 species mainly found in two regions:

  • Asia, and
  • the Americas.

The Magnolia tree was named after Pierre Magnol, the French botanist behind the current nomenclature of botanical classification.

Magnificent Magnolias are significant flowers in Chinese and Japanese culture, and has been cultivated for centuries.

The ‘Magnolia Virginiana’ species (from Virginia) was the first Magnolia to be introduced into Europe. In 1687, it was sent across John Banister, an English missionary and naturalist, to Henry Compton, English bishop and a passionate gardener.

Shortly afterwards, Europe was introduced to Chinese Magnolias (Magnolia Denudata and Liliflora).

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the beautiful Star Magnolia (Stellata) from Japan was planted in Europe.

The “queen of Magnolias”, the pink Magnolia Campbellii from the Himalaya, was discovered at the beginning of the last century.

It is believed that Magnolia is one of the oldest plants, the Dinosaurs probably saw Magnolias blooming.

Magnificent Magnolias Windsor Park Fragrance Ingredient

Magnificent Magnolias in Perfumery

Magnolia flowers (Magnolia Grandiflora) frequently have a fragrance. Their perfume is fresh, floral and creamy sweet with hints of waxy citrus.

Magnolia is a popular ingredient in floral perfume accords and there have been notable fragrances where Magnolia is the main floral ingredient.

Here are some of these fragrances that focus on Magnolia and its various olfactive facettes:

  • Magnolia Rosae (Lancome, Female, 2019): Magnolia, Rose, Musk
  • Spendia Magnolia Sensuel (Bulgari, Female, 2018): Magnolia, Orange Blossom & Jasmine, Tangerine, Musk
  • Song of America Magnolia (Ralph Lauren, Unisex, 2016): Floral Chypre with Magnolia, Lemon, Patchouli
  • Magnolia Nobile (Acqua die Parma, Female, 2009): Magnolia, Lemon, Jasmin, Bergamot, Vetiver
  • Eau de Fleur de Magnolia (Kenzo, Female, 2008): Magnolia, Citrus
  • Miracle (Lancome, Female, 2000): Oriental, Magnolia, Litchi, Pepper, Musk
  • Magnolia (Yves Rocher, Female, 1983): Magnolia, Lily, Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmin, Oakmoss
  • Magnolia (Yardley, Female, 1970): Magnolia, Hyacinth, Lily

When reviewing these notes, you will notice one commonality in that they interpret the freshness of Magnolia in different ways: some use the freshness of white flowers, others incorporate citrus and again others use fruity nuances.

Here at Pairfum London we have built our fragrance “Magnlias in Bloom” around the white flowers of Magnolia, Lily and Geranium with the sweet freshness typical of Magnolia Grandiflora coming from the more modern notes of ozone and watermelon, rather than citrus. “Magnolias in Bloom” is available in our online boutique in many different Home Fragrance products (candles, diffusers, sprays, …).

Photo Gallery: Magnolia in Windsor Park

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