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Fragrance Lavender Basket Essential Oil

Why use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils contain aroma compounds from plants and other natural sources. They have been used for centuries for their fragrance or health benefits.

In addition to their wonderful fragrances, essential oils can help improve mood, boost immune system, improve brain function & more.

Fragrance Fresh Lavender Rose Sunshine


Perfume Art Pairfum Lifestyle Living Room Canopy

Perfume Art

Perfume is Art, especially when fragrance and aesthetics combine to bring a true multi-sensorial experience into your home, transforming rooms into havens of boutique hotel luxury.

Display our perfumed botanicals as a piece of Art, as you would in an art gallery, and you envelop your home with beautiful fragrance.

Pairfum Lifestyle Hallway Driftwood Scented Candle

Lavender Field Outdoor Perfume

Luxury Lavender Candles by PAIRFUM London

Why Do We Love Scented Candles?

Luxury Lavender Candles are one of life’s simple pleasures. If you have had a hard day, want to add a touch of ambiance to your home, or just want to put your feet up and relax, a scented candle can come to the rescue. The world can seem like a much brighter place, once the glow of the flame starts to dance, and your favourite scent fills the room. There really is no better way to end the day, than by letting any tension of the day slip away, enjoying an evening bathed in soft candlelight, and surrounded by a beautiful fragrance.

Purple White Lavender Field Scent

Some fragrances in scented candles that are easily recognisable. Candied sweet vanilla is a staple of the scented candle, wonderful for any time of year. Cinnamon is perfect for the holiday season, adding some delicious festive spice. Then there is lavender, one of the most recognisable fragrances in the world, it’s distinctive scent is fresh and light, floral but not overwhelmingly so.

It goes without saying that a good quality natural lavender candle, is a wonderful addition to any Home.

To read the full article about Luxury Lavender Candles, please click or go to the link below:

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Lavender Bag Fragrance

Pairfum Black Acrylic Display Plinth Large Reed Diffuser Holder Silver

The Ultimate Natural Luxury Reed Diffusers

Why are PAIRFUM London Diffusers the ultimate perfume reed diffusers?

We are frequently being asked why the PAIRFUM® Reed Diffusers are the ultimate Natural Luxury Reed Diffusers.

“How do they work, how long will they last for, are they natural, do they contain alcohol?”

So let’s start at the beginning, as we believe it is a very good place to start! ( apologies we could not help but quote ‘The Sound of Music’ as Reed Diffusers are “One of My Favourite Things” – that’s the last one promise).

How do PAIRFUM® fragrance reed diffusers work?

They will naturally disperse fragrance throughout a room via the natural rattan reeds. Once placed into the aromatic liquid, the porous fibre reeds will draw the liquid up and the fragrance is diffused from the reeds into the air.

PAIRFUM Reed Diffuser are designed to be displayed, Simply open the bottle and insert all the reeds into the perfume infusion. The long black elegant reeds will, draw the liquid up and allow it to diffuse into the room to envelop your home with, exquisite, natural couture perfume.

If you would like to read or find out more about the PAIRFUM London Reed Diffuser, please click on the link below.

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A Woman – the World’s first Perfumer!

Let’s celebrate International Fragrance Day

21st March 2018

We have been in love with and enjoying Perfume for thousands of years, from the moment of the first recorded Perfumer, a Lady named ‘Tapputi’ or also referred to as ‘Tapputi – Belatekallim’, which means overseer or keeper of a Palace.

She is mentioned in a tablet dated around 1200 BC in Mesopotamia. In her fragrances she used flowers, oil, Calamus (also knows as Sweet Flag, that resembles the Iris), Cyperus, Myrrh and Balsam. She then added water or other solvents, then distilled and filtered it several times. This is also believed to be the oldest reference to a still.

So, not only is the wonderful Lady the first recorded Perfumer in the World, she was also a Chemist.

From references in the Book of Exodus which describes a sacred perfume that consisted of liquid myrrh, fragrant cinnamon, fragrant cane, and cassia, to the Bronze Age Perfumeries of Cyprus, we have continued our love affair with perfume.

Today on International Fragrance Day, 21st March 2018, why not celebrate the wonderful gift of scent, from your favourite Flower to the bouquet of your most loved Wine or Spirit, freshly baked Bread, to the aroma of a wonderful meal.

The Scents of Life surround us on a daily basis and remind us of the past, the present and the wonderful future to come.

From PAIRFUM London to all Perfume Lovers all over the World, we wish you a “Bouquet-filled Day”. xx

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PAIRFUM World's First Perfumer Eau de Parfum
PAIRFUM World’s First Perfumer Eau de Parfum
Pairfum Flacon 3 elegant bottles perfume spray room linen sleep pillow fabric home

PAIRFUM London where Perfume, Art & Beauty meet

Pairfum London’s Flacon perfume room spray is natural and long-lasting because of its ‘Eau de Toilette’ formulation, an example of where Perfume, Art & Beauty meet in your home.

Allow the harmony in your home to flourish and use PAIRFUM to create your own personal symphony.

Layer the fragrances in your home, they way you layer them on your skin to create the distinctive and individual perfume of your home.

Our perfumes are created using natural, essential oils.

The natural choice for the connoisseur in you.

Professor Stephen Hawking Formula Death Equation

Professor Stephen Hawking

In Honour of Professor Stephen Hawking R.I.P, who said:

“It would not be much of a universe, if it wasn’t home to the people you love.”

The photo shows the encapsulated equation of his greatest discovery that he says he wants on his gravestone.

National Fragrance Week 2018

National Fragrance Week 2018

As we come to the end of National Fragrance Week 2018, we thought that you may like to know some interesting things from the World of Perfume:

Did you know that there are fewer Perfumers in the world than there are Astronauts?

PAIRFUM London, where Perfume, Art & Beauty meet.

About Pairfum London Tulip Natural Perfume

About PAIRFUM London

Would you like to know more about PAIRFUM London?

Here you find an introduction into the many facets of the PAIRFUM Collection, its natural perfumes, products (room fragrance, boutique perfume and skin care) and the people in our ateliers that make PAIRFUM for your enjoyment.

Get a sense of the world of PAIRFUM here:

We hope you will enjoy exploring the company, natural perfumes, room fragrance and many other subjects.

If like us, you are a ‘Perfume Lover’ we look forward to hearing from you.

PAIRFUM London where Perfume, Art & Beauty meet.

A Brief History of Room Perfume

By 3000BC Egyptian priests used aromatic resins in religious ceremonies and this practice quickly spread into wealthy homes.

The Ancient Greeks, Chinese & Romans also used fragrance in this way and by 1500s French nobility adopted home fragrances.

Enjoy this Brief History of Room Perfume when browsing for room fragrances.

Home Fragrance Boutique

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