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What Is The Fragrance of Easter?

Many different Flowers are associated with ‘Spring’ and ‘Easter’ but which ones are the Fragrance of Easter?

The Christian Church has given some flowers a special symbolism during the celebration of Easter:

  • Easter Lilies are typically white, as a sign of ‘Purity’, ‘Innocence’ and ‘Goodness’. Christians use Lilies to remember Jesus Christ, and it has become a symbol of his resurrection.
  • Christians have given Passion Flowers many different meanings for Easter over the years. The consensus is a remembrance of Jesus dying on the cross for them.

All over the world, the Christian Churches celebrate Easter with large displays of spring flowers.

easter passion flower fragrance of easter

‘Trail of White Petals’ is the Fragrance of Easter

Here at Pairfum London, we are proud to associate our perfume ‘Trail of White Petals’ with the Fragrance of Easter, as it includes white lilies and perfectly matches the ‘innocence’ associated with easter.

‘Trail of White Petals’ is available in the following luxury scented candles and natural reed diffusers:

Fragrance Description Trail White Petals Jasmine Tuberose Ylang fragrance of easter
Pairfum Large Reed Diffuser Bell Signature Trail Of White Petals fragrance of easter
Pairfum Large Snow Crystal Candle Signature Trail Of White Petals fragrance of easter
Pairfum Flacon Perfume Room Spray Signature Trail White Petals fragrance of easter
Pairfum London Happy Mothers Day Baby Love

40 x Happy Mother’s Day Wishes & 5 x Poems


In this article we offer inspiration when writing Happy Mother’s Day Wishes & Poems this year.

Below we present:

  • 40 x unique Happy Mother’s Days Wishes and 5 x Poems for you to use.
  • The results of a survey of what Mum’s love most on Mother’s Day.
Pairfum London Happy Mother's Day Wishes Gerbera Love Flower

40 x Unique Happy Mother’s Day Wishes

Here is a list of 40 x unique Happy Mother’s Day Wishes that you can use for inspiration when thinking about what to write in the card for your Mother:

  • You are the most amazing mom anyone could ask for. Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what. I love you more than words can say. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my hero, my role model, and my best friend. I am so lucky to have you as my mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Thank you for always believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. You are the strongest, most supportive mom anyone could ask for. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are the heart of our family, and we love you more than anything in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are the most beautiful, kind, and caring person I know. I am so proud to be your child. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Thank you for always being my biggest fan. You always know how to make me feel special. I love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my everything. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for being the best mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are the glue that holds our family together. We are so grateful for everything you do for us. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my sunshine on a cloudy day. You always know how to make me smile. I love you more than words can say. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my rock. I know I can always count on you, no matter what. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my best friend. I can talk to you about anything. Thank you for always being there to listen. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my teacher. You have taught me so much about life. I am so grateful for everything you have taught me. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my inspiration. You make me want to be a better person. I am so lucky to have you as my mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my queen. You deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day and every day. I love you!
  • You are my everything. I love you more than words can say. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
  • You are the best mom in the whole world. I love you more than anything! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my hero. You are the strongest, most amazing woman I know. I am so proud to be your daughter. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my rock. You are always there for me, no matter what. Thank you for being my everything. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my best friend. We can talk about anything. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are my everything. I love you more than words can say. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
  • To the queen of my heart, happy Mother’s Day! Your love and strength inspire me every day.
  • Wishing a day as lovely as your spirit to the most wonderful mother. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • May your day be filled with the same boundless love and joy you’ve always given us. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Celebrating the amazing woman who raised me with endless love. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
  • On this special day, I want you to know your love has shaped me into who I am. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • A mother’s love is a masterpiece, and you, Mom, are the artist. Happy Mother’s Day with all my gratitude.
  • Your compassion, wisdom, and strength light up our lives. Happy Mother’s Day to the most radiant soul!
  • Sending you oceans of love and gratitude on this Mother’s Day. You are cherished beyond words.
  • To the nurturer, the protector, and the heart of our family, Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your love is the foundation of our family. May your day be as wonderful as the love you give.
  • Today, we celebrate the superhero in our lives – the one who’s always there, no matter what. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your love has been a guiding light in my life’s journey. Wishing you a Mother’s Day as beautiful as your heart.
  • On this day, we honor the one who taught us about love, kindness, and resilience. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • May your day be filled with laughter, love, and all the happiness you’ve brought into our lives. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your hugs, your words, your presence – they’ve all been a source of comfort. Happy Mother’s Day, with all my love.
  • Wishing a day of relaxation and pampering to the one who deserves it most. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To the world’s greatest mom, your love knows no bounds. Happy Mother’s Day from the depths of my heart.
  • In your embrace, I’ve found warmth and in your love, I’ve found strength. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your love has been the sun on the stormiest days. May your Mother’s Day be as radiant as you are.
  • For the sacrifices you’ve made, the love you’ve given, and the wisdom you’ve shared – Happy Mother’s Day, with heartfelt thanks.
Pairfum London Happy Mother's Day Wishes Woman Love

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we want to ‘Thank’ the Wonderful Women in our lives and to tell our ‘Mothers’ how much we Love and appreciate them.

Unlike previous years where everywhere we looked there were reminders of how we should treat our Mothers on this special day.

Just as in years gone by, we here at PAIRFUM started to ask ourselves and others, “What do Mother’s really want for Mother’s Day”, we mean really, really want! Is it more than just Happy Mother’s Day Wishes?

The answer was simply and universal, no matter who we asked or where they lived, … they want to ‘Meet, Hug & Kiss’ their Children.

Such simple things that we have all taken for granted, prior to the pandemic and the necessary lockdowns.

In previous years we had also posed the question “What do Mothers want for Mothers Day”? and a plethora of wonderful suggestions ranging from ‘a two week all expenses paid Holiday in Bali’, ‘a Weekend at an exclusive Spa’, to ‘a week Skiing at a top resort of their choice’, sounded idyllic, and to be honest they still do, … perhaps even more so in a time of restricted travel.

However then as now. when we started to come back down to earth and realised that most children, be they 2, 22 or 82, do not have that sort of money in their Piggy Bank.

We also came to the realisation that we never ask our Mother’s what they want. Now, … as all of us know, our Mothers are very good at telling us what they want, but it is normally for our benefit not theirs.

I am sure there are the few exceptions to the rule, but generally our Mums do not tell us what they would like as a gift on Mother’s Day.

Meet, Hug & Kiss

This year was, however, for so many Mothers worldwide, the exception:

They knew exactly what they wanted, they wanted to be able to Meet, Hug and Kiss their Children In young families or where a child still lives at home, this is not a problem, … but in so many families where the young have flown the nest, this is impossible.

To be able to meet-up or visit was the number one wish. A Happy Mother’s Day Wishes & Card are not substitute.

So on one hand, we have Mums who cannot meet with their Children, and on the other hand, with Schools closed, we have Mums that have had even less time for themselves, …

As in previous years the answers we realised do depended on the age range of the children:

  • Mothers of young children would dearly love ‘Time for Themselves’,
  • Mothers of teenagers would like a little more help at home in combination with the phrase “whatever” to have the Cambridge Dictionary meaning [‘Whatever- pronoun, determiner meaning ANYTHING or EVERYTHING], as in “Anything I can do to help you Mum”, or “I really appreciate everything you do for me Mum”.

Another recurring wish was for a long lazy ‘Morning in Bed’, a lie-in followed by a long luxurious soak in the bath and the pleasure to take as much time as you like to choose what to wear and to do your make-up, or not, as the case may be.

‘Gift Giving’ was another interesting topic of discussion which was also related to the age of the children:

  • Mums of younger children would love to receive something made for them,
  • Mums of teenage children would really appreciate something done for them: Breakfast in Bed (after a long lie in and which would include leaving the kitchen in perfect condition afterwards, even if it was not that way beforehand), …
Pairfum London Happy Mother's Day Wishes Gift Daughter Love Bouquet

Survey of Mums for Mother’s Day

A poll by Mumsnet revealed that 85% of mums would actually like more than an hour of ‘me-time’ on the day. The same reply we got from Mothers of young and not so young Children.

Sadly, when they inquired how Mother’s Day was last year for their Mothers, their survey found that most mums didn’t get their wish, as three quarters didn’t even get a full hour of time to themselves.

Just like the answers we received in our much smaller poll, ‘lie-ins’ were also top of the Mother’s Day wish-list with 92% hoping they would get some extra ‘shut-eye’. However, the response from the Mothers polled said that they were left disappointed about that too, as over half (58%) of mums were up before 8am.

They also discovered that ‘breakfast in bed’ was not a given, as 53% of mums said they had to make it for themselves last year, despite hoping or hinting that their partner or children would do it for them.

If you think that this was bad, it gets much worse, as not all Mums got the day off from their normal domestic chores.

When questioned which household tasks they had carried out on Mother’s Day last year, 62% said they had done some cooking, 58% did the washing, almost half (49%) did cleaning and 11% took the bins out (the ‘bins out’, this should really be the last straw).

As with our questionnaire, when it came to ‘Gift Giving’, something homemade or personal tops the wish-list, with 37% of mums saying they would love something made by their children and almost a fifth (18%) saying they would like something personalised, like a mug or keyring with their kids’ photo or footprint.

Unlike our small survey, where no-one admitted to this fact, Mumsnet revealed that despite it being their day, only two thirds of mums actually admitted to enjoying Mother’s Day. Maybe our Mums just did not have the heart to say so.

We fully agree with the findings of Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts: “There is quite a lot of pressure on mothers to be selfless, and it can be difficult for them to ask for what they want, especially if it’s for their early-rising children to go away and take their burnt toast with them.”

This is especially true, when you see, how well meaning it was, how long it was in the planning and how excited they were to bring it in and present it to you. So,… maybe in the future, when you look back at all those Mother’s Day Mornings, you will not remember the tiredness you felt, or the tray with half of the Tea or Coffee floating in it, but remember the look of concentration on the face that has just managed to open the door, with or without help, and the inevitable question of “Do you like it”? What Mother could not say truthfully “This is the best half filled, luck warm cup of dishwater I have had since last year!”

Now,… there may be exceptions to the rule, as I mentioned earlier, but as all wonderful Mothers know the truth is sometimes best kept to ourselves or stored away for another time.

Having said that, we do not mean it as a ‘Get out of Jail card’ for Fathers, Partners or Children to not show this wonderful person in your life how much they mean to you.

We do think that from the responses that we got, that on this day at least, you not only do something special for your Mum, but you also don’t expect her to do the usual things she normally does for you every day.

So,… if your Mother wants some free time to herself, then this is the ‘Time’ to start planning how to give her just that little bit extra on top of all the Happy Mother’s Day wishes, cards and cups of tea.

It really is amazing how we value the simple things in life when they are in short supply.

The one recurring theme is, that Mothers all over the world never seem to have enough time, and least of all ‘Free Time to Themselves’.

So go on,… and on this Mother’s Day, ask your Mum: “What do you want, really, really want?” The answer may surprise you.

With this in mind, we would like you to tell us what the answer was that you received in your Mum’s reply and how you went about fulfilling your Mother her wish.

Pairfum London Happy Mother's Day Poem Gift Wishes Child Love

Happy Mother’s Day Poems

For All Those Times!

For all those times when you picked me up.
When you sent me off and you wished me Luck.
You tied my laces and wiped my nose.
Made my lunch and corrected my prose.

Dropped me off at school and on final bell call.
You were standing waiting by the school yard wall.
For the times I got it wrong, but was sure I was right.
When I was very ill and you sat up all night.

For the times we fought and I was leaving home.
I knew you would be Sorry, as you would be all alone.
You asked “Where I was going”, I said “I did not know”.
So you suggested delaying my departure, until I was 10 or so.

When I first went away all on my own,
but it was all OK, knowing you were waiting at home.
When I had my first crush, and grew taller than you.
You were stern, forgiving, loyal and true.

For the times you needed something, but put me first instead.
To the day I realised I would never have a better friend.
For all those times and many many more..
I want to say “Thank You, I love You, Amore”.

(by Josephine McCarthy)

Pairfum London Happy Mother's Day Wishes Rose Flower Deep Red

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s love is something
that no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain.

It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away.

It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking.

It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems.

It is far beyond defining,
it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation.

A many splendored miracle
man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence
of God’s tender guiding hand.

(by Helen Steiner Rice)

Pairfum London Happy Mothers Day Wishes Poem Rose Flower Multi Colour

To My Mother

Because I feel that, in the Heavens above,

The angels, whispering to one another,

Can find, among their burning terms of love,

None so devotional as that of “Mother,”

Therefore by that dear name I long have called you —

You who are more than mother unto me,

And fill my heart of hearts, where Death installed you

In setting my Virginia’s spirit free.

My mother — my own mother, who died early,

Was but the mother of myself; but you

Are mother to the one I loved so dearly,

And thus are dearer than the mother I knew

By that infinity with which my wife

Was dearer to my soul than its soul-life.

(by Edgar Allan Poe)

Pairfum London Happy Mothers Day Wishes Poem Rose Flower Pink

Mother O’ Mine

If I were hanged on the highest hill,

Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

I know whose love would follow me still,

Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

If I were drowned in the deepest sea,

Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

I know whose tears would come down to me,

Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

If I were damned of body and soul,

I know whose prayers would make me whole,

Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

(by Rudyard Kipling)

Pairfum London Happy Mothers Day Poem Wishes Rose Flower Red

Conclusion – Happy Mother’s Day Wishes & Poems

We hope you were able to take inspiration for your cards on Mother’s Day from our 40 x Happy Mother’s Day Wishes or perhaps the 5 x Mother’s Day Poems.

Did the Mum’s survey results inspire you in your choice of mother’s day gift this year?

If you are looking for a gift that cannot disappoint, then we highly recommend our Perfume Experience Box, a Fragrance Library with 12 x Eau de Parfum Intense. Why gift just one perfume when you can present 12 x Perfume instead?

Unless you know the exact perfume your mum loves, it is nearly impossible find the perfect perfume for her on your own. Instead, present an Experience of Discovering 12 x different Niche Perfumes. Perhaps, … she finds one fragrance that she absolutely loves and that you can gift to her at the next occasion.

Perfume Experience Box Fragrance Library Gift happy mother's day wishes
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Sea Salt Sage Amber Couple Young 1 1

Celebrate National Fragrance Day

Is there a better way of celebrating National Fragrance Day, than by wearing your favourite perfume, lighting a fragranced candle you love or unwinding in a bath with a much loved bathing gel?

Treat yourself today and enjoy the charms of perfume.

This is the day for lovers of perfume.

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Fragrance Descriptions Spiced Rum Lime Guaiac Wood Couple About Kiss

Prioritise Your Nose For The Day

We also suggest that today you should give your nose priority !

When doing something, start with your nose. Let your nose be your guide for the day.

Here are some ideas:

  • Smell your meal and enjoy its odours before you eat it.
  • Take in the bouquet of the wine you are about to drink.
  • Place your nose against the neck of your partner and inhale the aroma.
  • Memorise the fragrance of your children.
  • When you come home, open the door with your eyes closed and just take in the scent.
  • Relax on the sofa, close your eyes and treasure the fragrances you begin to pick up.
  • Try and identify as many facets as you can of your favourite fragrance.

Be creative, … and let’s see what your nose lets you get up to.

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Sea Salt Sage Amber Woman Kiss national fragrance day

Quotes About Perfume

“No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” Coco Chanel

“The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully someone else’s.” Elizabeth Taylor

“You should put scent where you like to be kissed.” Catherine Deneuve

“A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself… a costume… that differs according to the woman who wears it.” Pablo Picasso

“Fragrance helps to communicate immediately a certain something that is special about a person. Women expect fragrance to match their personality and highlight it. When I think of putting on shoes, a shirt, a tie, it is to express what I am all about – I believe a fragrance should do the same thing; make you feel more yourself.” Massimo Ferragamo

“The creation of a perfume is an act of love, whether real or imaginary. I am romantic. I couldn’t imagine living without dreams.” Nina Ricci

“I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume.” Jacques Guerlain

“Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions or will. The persuasive power of an odour cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” From “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind.

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Bergamot Basil Patchouli Man Elbow national fragrance day

Perfume Quotes

If you enjoyed these inspirational perfumery quotes, then we invite you to visit these pages on our website with more quotes:

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Ginger Elemi Vetiver Woman Smile national fragrance day
Pairfum London Happy Chinese New Year Mandarin Orange Fragrance

Mandarine Oranges and the Scent of the Chinese New Year

Pairfum Person Reflection Mandarin Blossom Sandalwood Eau De Parfum

The ‘Mandarine Orange’ is a sweet, juicy citrus fruit also named ‘Mandarin’ or ‘Mandarine’. Read about why they are the scent of the Chinese New Year.

The role of Mandarine Oranges in the Chinese New Year !

The mandarine orange is a native of China and an important symbol of Chinese traditionanl culture, a symbol of ‘good fortune’, with a significant sacral meaning during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Mandarines are symbols of the New Year and the expected positive changes. The shape and colour of mandarines symbolise the Sun and connects with the yang principle (the positive and generative force of nature). A symbol of good fortune, luck and success, mandarines are exchanged between families, friends and colleagues as offerings of goodwill during this time of festivities.

These richly coloured fruits (orange / red / gold) are placed on the family alter in a large pile during the Chinese New Year celebrations and are synoymous with prosperity and wealth. For the same reason, potted plants, rich with hanging mandarine oranges are a favourite indoor decoration during this festive season.

In Cantonese, mandarine are named “gut”, meaning “the lucky tree.” It is an ancient New Year tradition of the Chinese to place pairs of mandarines and red envelopes with money, beside the pillow of every child, in the box with the New Year treats and above the rice container of the home. It is believed this will bring good fortune to the house and its family.

The Chap Goh Meh Festival, the 15th day of the lunar New Year, marks the end of the Chinese New Year festivities and serves traditionally as a day for matchmaking. Young girls throw mandarine oranges into the rivers in the hope of gaining a husband by honouring the full moon. Likewise, young men line the streets straining to gain a glimpse of these young ladies who were normally not permitted outside in days gone bye.

Pairfum London Happy Scent Chinese New Year Mandarin Orange

Other uses of Mandarine Oranges in China

The essential ingredient in many Chinese sauces is the dried peel of the mandarine orange due to its wonderful citrus oils and other aromatic notes that will richly perfume any dish and remove any oily taste.

On the other hand, in traditional Chinese medicine, the dried peel is used to regulate the flow of the energy of life ( or chi ). Natural philosophers in Old China prescribed the peel as a medical remedy to reduce phlegm, treat abdominal problems and to stimulate healthy digestion.

Pairfum London Happy Fragrance Chinese New Year Mandarine Orange

Mandarine Orange in Perfumery

Peel away the rind of a mandarine orange and out bursts a tempting mix of citrus oils with hints of cloves, ginger, jasmine and orange blossom. There are also undertones of star anise and saffron.

In perfumery, mandarine essential oil is greatly valued in the top notes of many light floral accords and colognes, for its invigorating, juicy sweet and fruity note but also its sensual, floral, neroli-like trail. The essential oil also blends harmoniously with other citrus oils and with many spice oils (nutmeg, cinnamon, clove).

Here at PAIRFUM, we are proud to introduce our new ‘pink grapefruit’ fragrance which contains mandarine essential oil. The addition of mandarin orange oil to the grapefruit accord makes this a truely great fragrance. It is indeed the perfect fragrance for the Chinese New Year.

‘Pink Grapefruit’ is available in the following luxury scented candles and reed diffusers:

  • Reed Diffusers (petite, classic and large size and in the bell, cube and tower shapes)
  • Reed Diffuser refill oil
  • Snow Crystal Candles (classic and large)
  • Soy & Flower Wax Candle
  • Message Candle
Pairfum Large Reed Diffuser Bell Signature Pink Grapefruit

Other fragrances within the PAIRFUM Collection that exhibit notes of mandarin essential oil are the following perfumes :

  • ‘Mandarin Blossom & Sandalwood’
  • ‘White Nectarine’,
  • ‘Pink Powder & Violet’, and
  • ‘SPA’

Happy Chinese New Year

We would like to wish all of our customers, partners, friends and families a Happy Chinese New Year.

“Kung Hei Fat Choy”

Pairfum London Happy Chinese New Year Mandarin Orange Scent
Pairfum London Happy Scent Chinese New Year Mandarine Orange
Pairfum London Happy Chinese New Year Mandarine Orange Scent
Pairfum Flacon Perfume Room Spray Signature Spa
Pairfum Natural Wax Candle Noir Pink Powder Violet
Fragrance Description White Nectarine Apricot Mandarin Pear Aniseed
Pairfum London Niche Perfumery House Happy Easter 2020

Happy Easter

A short poem about the meaning of Easter by Edmund Spenser (c. 1552-99):


Most glorious Lord of Lyfe! that, on this day,
Didst make Thy triumph over death and sin;
And, having harrowd hell, didst bring away
Captivity thence captive, us to win:
This joyous day, deare Lord, with joy begin;
And grant that we, for whom thou diddest dye,
Being with Thy deare blood clene washt from sin,
May live for ever in felicity!

And that Thy love we weighing worthily,
May likewise love Thee for the same againe;
And for Thy sake, that all lyke deare didst buy,
With love may one another entertayne!
So let us love, deare Love, lyke as we ought,
—Love is the lesson which the Lord us taught.

A Poem by Edmund Spenser (c. 1552-99)


In medieval England and into the Elizabethan era, Easter was a more important religious festival than Christmas.

In his poem, Spenser writes about the love of Jesus Christ and sacrificing himself on the Cross for humanity.

He reflects, we should take our ‘lesson’ from Christ and practise love towards one another.

This religious poem even becomes romantic at the end.

And on this note, from all of us:

Happy Easter & Love from Pairfum

PAIRFUM Happy Easter Home Fragrance Bedroom Luxury Scented Candle Natural Reed Diffuser

PAIRFUM Happy Easter Natural Room Fragrance Living Room Luxury Scented Candle Organic Skin Care Hand Lotion Eau de Parfum Spray

PAIRFUM Happy Easter Natural Home Fragrance Bathroom Natural Reed Diffuser Organic Skin Care Toiletries Eau de Parfum Toilette
PAIRFUM Happy Easter Natural Home Fragrance Bathroom Natural Reed Diffuser Organic Skin Care Toiletries Eau de Parfum Toilette

Cead Mile Kisses Couple Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Send Love, Hugs and Kisses.

Cead Mile Love Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London

“Céad Míle Hugs”

AnPost, the Irish Postal Service, is running a campaign under the slogan “Céad Míle Hugs” to send 100,000 Hugs via a postcard.

The campaign is based on the famous Gaelic saying, ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’, which translates to ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’. ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’ is the Ireland’s global greeting reflecting the counrtry’s global reputation to extend a warm welcome to all visitors.

AnPost created the ‘Céad Míle Hugs’ campaign to raise funds for the Children’s Health Foundation and Cork University Hospital Charity, both in Ireland.

We believe this is a wonderful project and would like to invite all of us to send “Love, Hugs and Kisses” to those that need it.

This could be family, friends, colleagues or anybody that we feel needs to know how much we think of or feel for them.

Cead Mile Hug Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London Men

What do you need to send love, hugs, and kisses?

Who would like to send love, hugs and kisses to? The minute you start thinking about this question, there will many relations, friends and acquaintance that you lost touch with during the Pandemic.

St. Patrick’s Days is a wonderful occasion to pick up the thread and revive the connection.

Nowadays, if you want to send love, hugs, and kisses to someone who is far away, then all you need is an email address. The internet has made it easier for all of us to stay in touch with those that live far away from us, especially when we don’t have the time to travel.

Don’t wait or put it off, send some love, hugs and kisses today.

Cead Mile Hug Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London Father Son

Send a Personalized Video or Greetings Card

Video messages are ideal to send a personalized and different kind of Greetings Card.

You can record a video with your own voice and send it to someone as a gift or just for fun.

There are many different websites that offer this service but you can also just pick up your mobile and use Whatsapp to send a recorded voice message.

A quick search on the internet will also offer many options to send a personalised Greetings Card through the post, the traditional way. We all love to receive a wonderful, thoughtful greetings card in the post. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards today and send Love, Hugs and Kisses.

St Patricks Day Cead Mile Hugs Pairfum London An Post

St Patricks Day – An Irish Celebration

There is no better time than St. Patrick’s Day to be Irish and to be in Ireland!

It is one of the most popular and well-known Irish celebrations. It is a day to celebrate Irish heritage and culture, as well as the arrival of spring.

Here are some places you can go to enjoy the festivities, should you be visiting Ireland on this day:

-The Dubliner: This pub has been around for over 25 years and has become a popular destination for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It offers live music, drink specials, and an authentic Irish atmosphere.

-The Dublin Bay Pub: This is an authentic Irish pub that provides live music every day of the week in addition to a full menu of food items like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash etc., in addition to traditional Irish fare like corned beef or soda bread with butter.

-The Brazen Head: This pub is situated in Dublin’s Temple Bar, and offers live music, drink specials, and has an Irish atmosphere.

-The Liffey Side Pub: This traditional Irish pub features live music, drink specials, and offers a full menu of food items like shepherd’s pie or fish and chips.

-Paddy’s Pub: The Paddy’s Pub is an Irish pub situated in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighbourhood and offers live music, drink specials, and has an Irish atmosphere.

-The O’Reilly’s Pub: This pub is situated in The Liberties area of Dublin, which features live music, drink specials, and has a full menu of food items like Shepard’s Pie or Fish

Cead Mile Love Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London Couple

What Do People Wear For St. Patrick’s Day?

Wearing a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day is a Must!

After that, people usually wear green clothes, hats, scarves, shoes or colour their hair green. There is literally no limit to your creativity of how you can turn out in green.

If you don’t own anything suitably green for the occasion, there are many ways to dye clothes, hats green. For example, you can use green food colouring, paint the clothes with a green dye, or use a spray-on dye.

As perfumers, we recommend wearing a ‘green’ Eau de Parfum for the day. Our perfumes are natural and the ideal fragrance would be Bergamot, Basil & Patchouli.

Cead Mile Love Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London Mother Daughter

How To Throw A Traditional Irish Celebration At Home

If you are not so lucky to be in Ireland and when there is no St. Patrick’s Day parade nearby, you might want to think about how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home and to invite family & friends around for the occasion.

What food and drinks should serve and how should you decorate your home for the occasion?

Here are few customary, Irish dishes that you need:

  1. Corned Beef & Cabbage: This dish is a staple on Saint Patrick’s Day tables in Ireland. The corned beef and cabbage is served with boiled potatoes and carrots.
  2. Guinness Beef Stew: This stew will warm your heart and fill your stomach with beef, potatoes, carrots, onions and Guinness beer. It is hearty and delicious!
  3. Irish Potato Soup: This hearty soup has a base of potato, onion, carrot, celery, bread crumbs and broth. It will fill you up while tasting like you are going to Ireland.
  4. Whiskey Chowder: If you love seafood chowder then this soup is for you ! It has a whiskey base and shrimp, clams, pot boiling water, bay leaf and salt.
  5. Chicken Pot Pie: This an Americanized Irish dish on the list but it is still worth trying! The pie crust is made with buttermilk dough and filled with chicken dumplings in a rich cream sauce.
  6. Breakfast Irish Style: Who doesn’t love having a little taste of Ireland in their morning meal?
  7. Irish Stew: A traditional Irish stew recipe, this dish is made with lamb, carrots, onions and celery seasoned with salt and pepper.
  8. Irish Soda Bread: Think of a traditional Irish dinner without the beer? Well this is your answer! This is an easy bread recipe that only takes about 10 minutes to make.
  9. Irish Coffee: A traditional Irish coffee recipe that only takes 5 minutes to make and perfect finale to the dinner.
  10. Crock Pot Irish Stew: A classic stew recipe that is made with onion, celery, celery seed, carrots and lamb. This stew is slow cooked for about 6 hours.

Bonus: you should really serve some green food, e.g. a salad with green leaves

In terms of drinks, you have to offer Guiness or a green beer! After that, any and all Green drinks are perfect, regardless of whether they are non-alcoholic. How about a green Smoothie?

What can you decorate your home with?

  • Anything and every green
  • Shamrocks to leprechauns
  • a Celtic Cross.
  • green candles: we have a wonderful choice of natural and eco-friends (‘green’) soy wax candles and the fragrances perfect for St. Patrick’ Day would ‘SPA’ or ‘Pink Powder & Violet’.
  • green plates, napkins, cutlery and green bunting.
  • green flowers
  • green curtains or drapes

In terms of entertainment, there has to be some Irish music. People like to dance on St. Patrick’s Day!

Perhaps an Irish movie?

Cead Mile Hug Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London Couple Sea

The Origins of St. Patrick’s Day

A post about St. Patrick’s Day is not complete without its history.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrated on March 17th, and is a day for remembering Saint Patrick and his contribution to Ireland.

The origins of St. Patrick’s Day can be traced back to the fifth century when Saint Patrick was sent by Pope Celestine I to convert Ireland to Christianity.

Saint Patrick lived in Ireland for most of the remainder of his life, during which time he established churches and ordained priests, converted wealthy landowners, distributed food, taught people how to read and write, and did many other things that helped the Irish people become Christians.

With this in mind, the Irish donate to Charity on St. Patrick’s Day, as a way of saying ‘thank you’.

What about the Shamrock?

A shamrock with four leaves is traditionally used to represent the Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity because it looks like three leaves and one stem.

In addition, the three leaves and one stem look like a person’s hand, which is an ancient symbol of prayer because it represents the hand of God blessing people.

Cead Mile Kisses Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London Clover

A Traditional Irish Blessing

We would like to close this post with a most traditional Irish blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

The rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Cead Mile Hug Happy St Patricks Day Pairfum London Couple

Pairfum London Happy Valentines Day Famous Kisses

Famous Kisses on Valentine’s Day

On this Valentines Day, give your partner a special kiss and model it on some of the world’s famous kisses.

Here are some of our favourites.

On Screen Kisses That Didn’t happen

What more is there to say about Scarlett and Rhett’s almost-kiss in “Gone with the Wind”. “You need kissing badly” Clark Gable tells Vivien Leigh.

From Here To Eternity Burt Lancaster Deborah Kerr

The kiss that was cut from the film because it was too risqué. Deborah Kerr tells Burt Lancaster in this scene: “I never knew it could be like this. Nobody ever kissed me the way you do.”

Historic Kisses

The Kiss Between A Soldier And A Nurse Celebrating The End Of World War Ii

This photo of the End of Word War II being celebrated emphatically by a soldier and a nurse travelled the world.

Barack And Michelle Obama Kiss Election Night

The Obama’s kissing during his inauguration.

Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev And East German President Erich Honecker Share A Socialist Fraternal Kiss

The Socialist “Fraternal Kiss” between the leader of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, and the leader of East Germany, Erich Honeker.

First Royal Kisses

Princess Diana Prince Charles Kiss

In 1981, the newlywed Charles and Diana, started the tradition of the balcony kiss. Sadly it turned sour in the end.

Prince William And Kate Middletons First Public Kiss As A Married Couple

Will and Kate’s kiss captivated the word: Fairy tales do exit, even if the flower girl might not be impressed.

Artistic Kisses

Gustav Klimt The Kiss Painting

Gustav Klimt famously depicted this loving kiss around 1908 of embracing couple surrounded by regal gold robes, … most sensual.

Auguste Rodin The Kiss

In 1182 Auguste Rodin depicts this embrace between an Italian noblewoman and her husband’s younger brother. Sadly, both were killed by the husband.

The Steamy Kiss

These photos may not be famous but we all know the ‘steamy kiss’.

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Spiced Rum Lime Guaiac Wood Couple Kiss 1 1

Pairfum London Happy Valentines Day Famous Kisses Steamy

Pairfum London Happy New Year Big Ben Fireworks 1 1

Happy New Year

Wishing you, your family and friends a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Thank you for your support in the past year and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Pairfum London Happy New Year Fireworks 1 1

Pairfum London Merry Christmas Lights Fireplace Tree 1 1 Square

Merry Christmas

Let Christmas Sparkle!

All of us at PAIRFUM would like to wish you, your family and friends:

Merry Christmas

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Now is the time of the year to unwind and to allow the Magical Sparkle of Christmas to enter your home.

Just Enjoy!

PAIRFUM London Keep Calm And Let Christmas Sparkle luxury scented candles natural reed diffuser

Pairfum London Merry Christmas Lights Church Snow Tree 1 1 Square

Pairfum London Merry Christmas Lights Windows Tree 1 1 Square

Ireland St Patricks Day Famous Buildings Green Hope Positivity

St Patricks Day 2021: The World shines Green Lights of Hope & Positivity

Positivity Hope Ireland St Patricks Day Famous Buildings Green

The World shines Green lights of ‘Hope & Positivity’ for St Patricks Day 2021.

Today the 17th of March 2021 is a St. Patrick’s Day like none other we can remember in recent history.

In a time when people around the World are worried, scared and when so many may feel alone, hundreds of iconic buildings around the World today, will light up green as a sign of ‘Hope & Positivity’ to all Irish people and all the Citizens of the World in a time of the Coronavirus.

In fact, we see that 66 countries around the world have 660 buildings, monuments, statues and public art lit up in the colour green to celebrate St Patricks Day 2021.

Here are some of our favourites: Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Niagara Falls, the London Eye, the ‘Welcome’ sign in Las Vegas, Madison Square Garden in New York, the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, Caerphilly Castle in South Wales and the Smurf Statue in Brussels.

Ireland St Patricks Day Famous Buildings Green Positivity Hope

New Friends that are taking part this year during St Patricks Day 2021 include the City Hall in Bangkok, Palais du Peuple in Djibouti City, the National Theatre in London and the Palace Bridge in St Petersburg, Burj al Arab, the Chain Bridge in Budapest and many more.

All around the world today, Irish people are coming up with creative and happy ways to celebrate this very important day for them.

However, today is not just about one country, one celebration, one race or nation – it is about One World.

Hope Positivity Ireland St Patricks Day Famous Buildings Green

So, … a Global Invitation was issued, today at at 3pm please join in with the people of Ireland in singing a song on St Patricks Day 2021:

Ireland’s Call

(By Phil Coulter)

Come the day and come the hour
Come the power and the glory
We have come to answer Our Country’s call
From the four proud provinces of Ireland

Ireland, Ireland Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We’ll answer Ireland’s call

From the mighty Glens of Antrim
From the rugged hills of Galway
From the walls of Limerick And Dublin Bay
From the four proud provinces of Ireland

Ireland, Ireland Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We’ll answer Ireland’s call

Hearts of steel And heads unbowing
Vowing never to be broken
We will fight, until We can fight no more
From the four proud provinces of Ireland

Ireland, Ireland Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We’ll answer Ireland’s call

So today on St. Patrick’s Day to the People around the World wherever you are: Italy, China, Spain, USA, UK, France, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, …

We are all together standing tall – shoulder to shoulder – we answer the World’s call…

‘Green’ Photo Gallery

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